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Advance Technologies

Ultra Dodgy Scammers

This company has the worst customer service I have ever encountered! Rude dimwitted kids answering the phone and basically telling lies just to get rid of you. They don't have the stock they claim to have. When they have taken your money they probably just order your item from some shed in China, leaving you to wait forever for it to be delivered.

You'd think by looking at the website that this is a proper big online seller. It is a tiny little shop in a dump of a town. I will be writing to trading standards about this, and also to Micro Mart magazine, where I originally saw the company advertised.

If you paid by credit card, cancel the payment asap. Advance Tec lied and told me they had cleared my payment and the item had been dispatched. I checked with the bank, and no payment had been taken. Because I had paid by debit card I couldn't cancel the payment- so just had the card itself cancelled immediately. A bit inconvenient but it gave me great satisfaction to know that Advance Tec won't be getting my money. I've since bought the same item from Amazon, who immediately took payment and have dispatched my item.

Advance Tec lies, cheats and is completely unprofessional. Avoid at all costs! Don't waste your time phoning them as they blatantly lie, and will feed you all kinda of rubbish just to get you off the phone.

This whole episode has taught me a major lesson in checking reviews before I make a purchase.

Notice how the positive reviews here are so positive it's obvious they've been written by the dimwit Advance Tec kids themselves.

From experience I can highly recommend Aria, Scan, and Amazon as alternative sites to buy from.

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