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Just sorted the order (and problems caused by DPD) in minimal time. Excellent.

I bought a few bits 'n' pieces from Dickies and, as always, I received loads of notification as to when the items should arrive. When a parcel arrived, it wasn't quite what I was expecting; DPD (delivery agent) has managed to mix up my box with someone else's and I received a load of personalised cushions that were supposed to be for a large supermarket's customers - for Mother's Day too!

Needless to say it needed to go back. I phoned Dickies and a nice chick - Katie - dealt with it from start to finish and never left me with anything but confidence in what she was going to do. DPD's balls up could have taken a while so Dickies sent me out the whole order again within a day.


The end.


An absolute joke with every aspect of their service.

I ordered 2x 3-seater Samara sofas on the 26th or 27th December. I accepted that there would be a delay from their usual 6-week delivery timeframe and the 10-week wait that they indicated on their web site was more than I'd have liked but as they were cheap I went for it anyway. This is such a schoolboy error on my part.

The company didn't call me, and still haven't called me ever in fact, and I had to chase them after 12 weeks, then 14 weeks, then 16 weeks.

I phoned them two weeks ago and some guy who couldn't speak clear English to save his life told me that they'd arrange a discount when they arrived. I asked if that was 'arrived with me' or 'arrived with them', he said that they needed to be delivered then they'd arrange a discount. I said I didn't want them and I wouldn't accept them UNTIL we'd arranged a discount. We argued the point then he accepted. I asked him to repeat it to me for clarification and - of course - he told me that they'd negotiate when the items arrived with me. It took a further TWO TIMES of me telling him what to say for him to repeat it verbatim.

I phoned twice since then and was told nothing new. Then when I finally called someone said:-

"They'll be with you on the 22nd April"
"No they won't"
"What do you mean?"
"I'm not accepting them"
"Why not?"
"Well, a number of reasons that mostly relate to the fact that Harveys is awful and I absolutely regret having purchased them from you, coupled with the fact that nobody has EVER called when when I requested it"
"Ok, I'll put you through to customer services"

I was offered a 10% reduction, which I laughed at, then 20%, which I laughed harder at. I was then asked to e-mail websales@harveys-furnishings.co.uk to tell them I'd like to cancel.

I did that on Monday last week and said "If you get back to me within 5 working days I'll consider accepting these sofas however only if you discount them by 50%".

As expected I've received nothing. I literally can't believe how bad this company is. No wonder the Harveys store where I live (WSM) has closed down.

Please, under no circumstances should your life be so bad that you feel you have to buy from a company like this. There are better things to do with your time.

I think my dog's ears need a bit of a cleaning;This would be a far more productive thing to do with your time than waste it with Harveys.

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