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Unbelievebly Frustratingly Bad Customer Service

I have been with 3 for four years. I bought a new Samsung Galaxcy S2 from them with a two year upgrade. The phone turned off all of a sudden after about a week of receiving it and I could not restart it. I removed the battery and reinserted it and it turned back on. Battery level was good?. This happened again after about another week. Then it became more frequent. I contacted three and because I had not reported it straight away they would not replace it and it was under a Samsung two year warranty. Three sent it for repair and they could not find anythin wrong. They upgraded the software and returned to me. The next day it switched off again. The alarm clock will not work when this happens and I cannot rely on it. Contacted three again and they arranged for repair again. No fault found. Sent back to me and it turned off the next day again. Asked my 16 yr old son to check that I wasn't doing something silly. He confirmed that he had to remove the battery to get the phone to work. Contacted three again and they arranged to get my phone repaired. No fault found. Got phone back and the next day it did it again. Caontact three and told them that this is unacceptable and they offered me a second hand phone and said that I would have to contribute £20 towards it! I have now taken it up direct with three. My wifes contract just expired with three and wqe have moved to Orange Mobile. It is a much better service. Take my advice, stay away from three mobile.

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