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I have been having trouble with Timetalk since January 2013 when I was supposed to move from <external link removed> to them and get fibre optic broadband. My services were stopped by <external link removed> on 25th Feb but I did not go live with Timetalk until the end of March. My fibre has not worked properly since start and yesterday my speeds dropped again to 1.9/2.5mb/sec from highs of 36mb/s. However Timetalk say I used 27gb yesterday even though we could hardly use the net. We normally use 1/2 gb per day. Timetalk are closed all weekends so it is impossible to report these faults and when calling like today I was put on hold for 31 mins before a person answered and I asked to be put through to a complaints department or escalations department as I have been told they are dealing with my problems. After being put on hold for another 40 mins aperson answered saying they were from the same department I started at. I asked to be put through to complaints and was told they would call me back. As they had been promising that for some months and never do call back I said I wanted to speak to someone now. I was put on hold again and as has happened repeatedly in the past I was eventually cut off after 75 mins on the phone. I have had money wrongly taken from my bank and not returned even though Timetalk promised to return it. I have paid £100 extra as the normal routers do not work and the business router they sent also did not work so I agreed to return it for a refund. No refund has been paid. I have now bought my own router that works fine although my speeds and useage are wrong still. I have paid a years line rental in advance only for timetalk to repeatedly continue to charge me extra for line rental. I have been promised unlimited useage only to be charged extra for going over some limit. I have made nearly 60 calls and very ralely talk to anyone who can sort my problems and ver very raley get the promised call back from timetalk. I have been told the problem is with BT only to have a number of visits from BT where I have had to wait in to be told the problem is with Timetalk and not BT. I have been told by Timetalk to problem is with my pc or my phone so I bought a new phone and renewed my pc only to fnd out the problem was not with me either. I have written emails and letters to timetalk and get no reply. I have stopped my direct debit as they keep taking more and more money from my bank when I should be in credit so timetalk have no charged me penalty fees! I have now reported them to CISAS and hope they have more satisfaction than I am able to achieve. I will be leaving Tilmetalk as soon as I can.

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