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Parcel arrived late and broken.

I won an expensive item on a radio auction, and they told me it woud arrive on next day delivery by courier. It turn out the courier they used was ParcelFarce, so naturally the item arrived 3 days late and significantly damaged. The damage itself must have been the outcome of a significant amount of force and spite because the item was packaged in multiple layers and should have been more than adequately protected.

When dealing with customer services a number of things become apparent:
1. They never take less than 2 days to reply to an email.
2. Your emails are never replied to by the same person twice
3. Your questions remain unanswered except by stock, 'cut and paste', replies which may or may not bear some sort of relationship to the question you are asking

Parcelfarce apparently have a 30 day policy, so their inability to answer an email either promptly or relevantly with regards to your question is clearly a management forced initiative to waste enough time to push people over the 30 days.

Another interesting policy is their unwillingness to deal with the recipient of an item, only with the poster.

All in all, I would mark and avoid Parcelfarce. They are an absolute bunch of criminals.

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