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Parcelforce The Delivery Company that Refuse to Deliver?

On Saturday 8th June 2013 I ordered some food grade silicone grease as I was replacing seals in my coffee machine, delivery by Tuesday 11th June 2013 by Parcelforce.
Tuesday arrived, no delivery, odd, it only had to come approximately 37 miles from Leicester, Wednesday, and still no delivery which was frustrating because I had received a harmonica toolkit from Dresden Germany that I ordered 20 minutes after the grease and that had come over 830 miles, 4 days.
Thursday 13th June 2013 still no delivery I was just about to phone the retailer when the Postman delivered 2 letters one from Parcelforce. Expecting some sort of advertising instead of binning it I opened it to find a “We called to deliver/collect your parcel” card with a tracking number and the address of the Post Office where it had been left on Tuesday 11th June.
Being disabled I would not have been out, I haven’t been out for nearly 3 weeks, secondly I have been expecting the delivery of 5 items this week so I have not had even the radio or TV on and sitting where I do I have a view of the driveway and the road outside and finally if the Pacelforce driver had actually been to the house then the “We called to deliver/collect your parcel” card would have been put through the letterbox and not delivered by Royal Mail 2 days later.
I now have the prospect of either a 7 mile (round trip) walk which would be impossible for me to accomplish, book a taxi which I can ill afford, or go into Nottingham by bus and get another bus back out to the vicinity of the post Office and then back again making a round trip of 24 miles and a 21/2 hr – 3 hour journey. I have already paid £4.95 for this to be delivered to my house but I’m in this predicament because a Parcelforce driver was frightened of finishing later than he wanted or just could not be bothered, either way he did not do what he was employed or paid to do.
Are Parcelforce now competing with Yodel for the position of worst delivery company in the British Isles?

STO Racing Products

RC Remote; Great prices and Quick service.

Two Christmases back my other half bought me something I had wanted for years; a Radio Controlled Tank, a Tiger Tank to be exact, and she went to a RC model shop that had been there years to buy it. My problems were not with the tank but the nasty, inadequate little battery charger that came with it. I was on my 3rd within 4 months when I found the shopkeeper had sold out to a model train business and worked off the net from there on and only appeared to be selling surplus stock.
It was then I started looking for some new batteries and a decent charger that wouldn’t fry on its 3rd or 4th use and over the ensuing months I was getting more disillusioned by scarcity and extortionate prices and one day whilst repeating my pointless task I found what seemed to be just what I wanted at a decent price and even better, good write ups at STO Racing Products. I received an email 18 mins after I placed the order saying the items had been despatched. The batteries arrived the following day and a phone call established the charger was on backorder approx 10 days, the phone call I made after the 10 days resulted in being told my delivery would be in 4 days and being impatient that phone call resulted in me being told “I think it’s been despatched”; it arrived the following morning.
I will say one thing regarding STO Racing Products whenever I phoned to check progress of the charger and allay my internet induced paranoia Adam Turner who I believe I spoke to immediately phoned the supplier checking the state of play and relaying it to me directly (instead of like some, putting me on hold whilst they did another row of knitting or a few more words on the crossword) so I am happy with this and will definitely be using STO Racing Products in the future. Thank you Adam Turner and STO Racing Products. John


Which one's the lesser of the 2 evils.

Earlier in the year I ordered a number of items from Sports direct and I made a point of ordering before 10.00 to be sure, way before the deadline and I also paid £5.99 for next day delivery as it was a Thursday, my items arrived at 18.45 Monday evening. I had put this down to a one off but again the same thing has happened, I put my order in Monday morning it was processed by midday and on Tuesday, it had not arrived it was sitting in a Yodel depot just under fifty miles away (their depot is actually 18 miles away) where it had been all day. I have checked my previous orders with Sports Direct and see I have used their next day delivery option 4 times but have only received a next day delivery once. I have tried complaining to Sports Direct on two separate occasions and have received the same reply both times which is“NONE” I now realise that Sports Direct couldn’t care less about my or anyone else’s opinion and care even less about who or when their products are delivered once they have your money, their next day delivery is just a farce which is totally dependent on Yodel and Yodel is not only totally unreliable but just an excuse for a delivery company, Royal Mail do far better and pay compensation if they don’t.

Reidys Home of Music

My Search Ended at Reidys

As a long standing fan of Harmonicas and players I have in these last few months been, if not actually replacing the remains of my 60’s – 70’s harp collection (2 Hohner Echo Super Vampers, 1 Hohner E S V clone with red stars painted on it & a Hohner Marine Band) then certainly adding to it. During this time I’d become quite adept on best retailers for price, variety and stock levels and although I had not dealt with Reidys I certainly included them in my search for various makes and models and they did say “if you're about to order but have seen the same instrument cheaper elsewhere then we guarantee to beat the price of the instrument”. I was looking for a Hohner XB 40 Key of A and it had been advertised for as little as £67.00 and as much as £120.00 although after 9 phone calls I was still only offered keys of C, G or I could have a Dm at £67.00 a key of which few people had any use for. I was about to give up when I read on the net RE: Hohner XB40 “Hohner will not be producing any more of them” It was then I phoned Reidys and yes they had just what I wanted plus many more and it was with me inside 48hrs and although it wasn’t quite the cheapest price advertised they were the only retailer who could provide one at that price so thank you Reidys you are now in my all time top 5. See you soon.

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