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I purchased a policy with Autonet via the Go compare website & paid in full £270. Soon after payment, I received the usual welcoming emails. One email in particular took me by surprise. It stated I must supply copies of all drivers’ licenses. So I sent a copy of my license using their text service and I advised them that my wife had misplaced her license & that she had applied for a replacement from the DVLA. I received an automated reply stating they would be in contact if there are any problems within 7 days. At the end of the first week I received an email stating unless I supplied driver licenses for all drivers then the policy would be cancelled. I emailed Autonet of the situation regarding my wife’s license. I stated that the replacement license would be submitted as soon as it arrived and explained I had already submitted my licence. I thought this would be acceptable as no reply was received. I later learned they do not reply to any emails or text messages - Probably because you are forced to telephone their premium rate number. A letter arrived in the post the following day explaining my policy will be cancelled ect,ect. This time I had no choice but to telephone Autonet’s premium rate number & explain to them that my wife’s license was being replaced by DVLA. The response was basically ‘Not our problem’ & that they must receive the license or the policy will be cancelled. To overcome the problem I suggested they remove my wife from the policy to prevent the cancelation. The price to remove her would have cost an additional £120! I complained that surely you would reduce the premium if a named driver was removed, not increase it. They explained it’s something to do with spouse discount and admin fee’s….Of course it is! I choose not to opt for that. I was then advised by Autonet to contact the DVLA and ask them to place the replacement license application on the ‘urgent list’ and request the DVLA to send an email stating the license was in progress. With this email Autonet would request an extension period to submit the license. I contacted DVLA explaining what Autonet had advised. They [DVLA] do not offer such email service and there certainly isn’t an ‘urgent list’ in existence. The DVLA advised me that my insurance company can contact DVLA to establish drivers credentials. Autonet’s response was ‘We don’t telephone DVLA’
I’m not getting anywhere with Autonet, Policy was due to be cancelled in a four days and no license from the DVLA. One other option was to drive to DVLA Swansea and re-apply for the license in person and return back to Swansea in 48 hrs to collect the license. The trip would be a 1,000 mile round trip, However my wife is eight months pregnant so I decided this was not a viable option. If I have insurance cancelled this might affect future premiums (it’s a question asked on all quotations) the only option left was to cancel my policy with Autonet. Their cancellation fees are far higher than the industry norm, any discounts are not repaid and of course the trusty admin fee is added in. I received a refund of £130 from Autonet so I paid £140 for a two week premium, Not a bad earner for Autonet. They advised If I choose to do business again I would be refunded £50 from the cancelation fees! How nice.
I’m happy that I’ll never need to deal with this firm again. I couldn’t imagine how they would perform if I needed to submit an accident claim. I’ve gone with a well know insurance company, The premium is only £30 extra. And not any question of submitting drivers licenses. Expensive lesson learned. Save yourself the trouble and go with a reputable insurance company. If you’re reading this then it’s probably too late. I have requested their complaints procedure which has not yet been received. Probably being sent by email.

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24 May 2013

Reply from Autonet Insurance

Dear Mr Withers,

Please accept our sincere apologies for any inconvenience this matter has caused you.

Your details have been passed to our complaints team who will be in contact with you to discuss the concerns you have raised with a view to securing an amicable solution.

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