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Generally good but the automated respose system caused a bit of confusion

My wife started filling out the order form online to see how easy it was and then logged off to check with me if I wanted to order some flowers for my mum. I thought it was a good idea and I agreed with my wife's choice of lilies.
We confirmed the order and paid up. Then an email arrived from SerenataFlowers saying they were sorry we'd aborted the order and as a sweetener we could have 10% our next order. This was confusing. Was this referring to my Wife's practice run or had our actual order been fouled up?
I checked the confirmation email and it appeared we had successfully ordered but the field which had my mum's address in overlapped the flat number and building name making it unreadable! I had to just hope that the person delivering the flowers wouldn't have the same issue.

Anyway, the flowers were sent to right place and my mum had a smile on her face in the end.

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