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The Ryanair of Private Health Insurance!

I've been with Pru Health Platinum level for 2 years and I'm now moving because I don't trust their immoral business model. These fools are the Ryanair of the Health Insurance world! Would you trust Michael O'Leary to see you through illness? Didn't think so! They change goal posts annually with fundamental information hidden away on page 30 of a 40 page booklet! Now all my hard work in the gym doesn't count against my premium because of a simple recording practice that worked fine in year 1 but has now been made redundant in year 2. Insurance will double next year unless I pay Pru £200 for new health checks. Tactics? I think so! Year 1 - 75% discount on gyms. Year 2 - 25% discount. Calculated? Remind you of your savings account?! Staff are rude and disrespectful. Nothing gets done after you put the phone down so resolve issue over the phone or give up! There's a special place in hell for Pru Health. Horrible Company!

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