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Everything I'd expect from a low cost airline

I travel fairly frequently within the UK and have used many of the airlines mention ed in the list. Flybe has provided one of the best services and is fairly competitive in a packed market. They've always got me there on time and feeling fine


Tesco Extra is becomming a personal pastime

I rarely shop in tesco unless its a tesco extra, more due to location than anything else, although the Tesco Clubcard is a god pull. It's not as cheap as it seems and if I had an Asda closer I think Tesco would have a run for its money. However all my shopping needs are met in Tesco and I've never had any issues.


Competitive, easy to use and prompt

I have ordered many many items from Amazon. I am in the Army and they offer some of the best support by companies for service people deployed on operations using BFPO addresses. Every purchase has arrived on time and any drop in price in the short term is refunded. Excellent!


Singnal strength poor, pushy sales people from international call centers

I have had 3 contraces with 3 over the years. With each contract, when I've had cause to contact customer services the line has been awful, this coupled with the poor English accents has led to me hanging up or being hung up on. In most cases any problem I seem to have has seemed secondary to their attempts to seel me either another package or additional bolt ons.

I originally was attracted by their lower prices but the price in no way makes up for the shoddy service and pestering staff and selling techniques. I will NOT be using them ever agian!

Mazuma Mobile

Easy, clear and good value

The website was easy to use, the envelopes arrived on time and the money was transfered straight into my account. Easy, fast and reliable!

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