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Hermes Europe

It Should Be Called Hell Not Hermes Because They Do Give You Hell!!!

I ordered vitamin from online and expected parcel to be delivered yesterday after getting a text from hermes at 12.42pm on 17/10 but no parcel was delivered. i waited until today only to find out it has been signed by customer who certainly is not me. i was in all day on 17 and 18 of october and didnt hear any knock or what ever other signal they must be using, they probably whispering from outside the door " hiya i got your parcel and im either going to steal it or lost it somewhere and go. when i call "my hermes" they say i have to call the retailer to find out about my parcel. its clearly is hermes fault as they delivered my parcel and didnt even left a note to tell me who is it with? i am really furious when the customer service just hang up on me when i tell them " that is not the retailer fault but its entirely your fault as you probably just left my parcel outside my flat for everyone to see or gave it to my neighbour and dont even bother to leave a note for it". how stupid do they think we are? if you dont have my parcel, why did you send a text saying your parcel is now out for delivery! you wouldnt be doing that if you dont have my parcel now would you. DUH!!! what am i suppose to do now? knock on every door and ask every neighbour on my block whether they got my parcel? some of them are not even that nice to talk to and im sure one of them has swallowed some of the vitamin that i ordered for my asthmatic conditions. this is what the status of my parcel is.

Date Time Status
18/10/2013 09:46 Signature From Customer
17/10/2013 11:01 Courier Received
17/10/2013 04:56 Out For Delivery
17/10/2013 04:14 Processed at Depot
17/10/2013 02:50 Receipt at Depot
16/10/2013 16:01 Hub Sorter Receipt Scan
15/10/2013 11:30 Order Generated

they just forgot to add to the last status: it should be "its lost due to hermes always employ unprofessional ignorant courier who will never get their job right and most of them actually steal the parcel too".

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Worst Parcel Service

I'm suppose to receive my parcel from you before this but was told that it is lost. Now again the seller trying to send me, my parcel and it says next day delivery. I have been waiting all day 2/7/2013 patiently but now after reading so many bad reviews I think again your driver must have kept my parcel to himself again without any concern over how people are paying for these things that they bought with their hard earned money. I think it's unprofessional that you expect me to call the seller and ask them to resolve this matter when it is entirely your fault and giving me excuse that you can't find the parcel as they have not been scanned. Now I won't be able to get my refund as this is the second time the seller have send me the item. They are not going to pay because you have a bad service and keep all the parcels to yourself.

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03 July 2013

Reply from DPD UK

Hi Salwa,

I have looked into this and an investigation is taking place.

I would like to apologise for any inconvenience which may have been caused.

Could you please email us your contact phone number at

Kind Regards,


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