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Please stay away from Living Social and Stop buying deals from this company

LivingSocial Help Request #10127618
I purchased a deal from Living Social. Planned to use it, However, have unusual circumstances. Our family experience unusual experience. We experience 3 sudden back to back death in the family last year (July-Nov-december). So, I explained the situation in a long email, explaining that we are grieving, and I would like to get a refund please, because there's no way we can utilize the service. My daughter is supposed to use the tennis lesson, but she's really closed to both my aunt and her uncle that just passed away last year! So, she did not want to do it right now.

The next day, I got the response from Daniel, the customer service rep, and I got this common template that they use to response to customer. Apparently, He did not even read my questions, and just responded below:

Hi Vimala,
We're sorry your deal for High Octane Tennis didn't work out for you, and we understand you'd like your voucher to be refunded. Unfortunately we are unable to extend you a credit card refund or Deal Bucks credit because your request is outside of our refund policy. We do, however, have two options for you to choose from:

•You can make someone's day by gifting your voucher to a friend. To learn more about gifting, check out this article: How do I give a deal as a gift?
•If you're not able to use your voucher prior to the expiration date, we've got you covered. For many of our deals, you can still use your voucher for the paid amount beyond the promotional value expiration date. To find out more about using your voucher for its paid value of $98, take a quick peek at this article: What happens if my deal is expired?
This is how I translated the response:

Number 1 response: I really don't care if your family had sudden family death and still grieving, why don't you just give that away to your friends/family? Who cares if your family is grieving, move one and give the deal to your friends anyway.

Number 2 response: Well, I really don't care if your family is grieving, you still can use the voucher with the original value. Living social really doesn't care. We already took your $98, why do we care? Let me give you a link to make you feel better to read for: "What happen when my deal is expired?" What??!!!!!

There is no HUMILITY for people that work for this company. Obviously, the main goal for the company is to extract as much money from people, and deal with the refund/cancellation policy maybe..I guarantee, that this company will not give you a refund. I am truly dissapointed, cause I had been using Living Social for the past 3 years. However, the company LOST ME, and I will spread this review to my Facebook account, twitter, and post all this review online. So, everyone can be aware, and please stay away from buying deals from Living Social. Obviously Living Social does not think of its customer or is trying to do the right thing. I would never use Living Social again.

LivingSocial Help Request #10127618
Daniel is my customer service rep...Hopefully you learn your lesson next time!

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