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The worst aftersale experience ever! From a customer of almost 10 years!

I recently visited CCL computers at 9am on May 16th to buy a new graphics card to upgrade a home PC that I have for 80% business and 20% personal use

I was advised to go for a specific card, so I bought it and left to install on the same night. Having fit the graphics card, I damaged the motherboard's PCI slot so had to replaced it the next morning. I was advised to go for a specific type of motherboard, so I bought it and decided to fit it there and then considering I need to use my PC every day.

I kept myself to myself in the repair room, and was struggling with fitting the equipment as I'd never done it before and didn't have time to leave it with anyone. I was occasionally helped by a member of staff there who was constantly getting in trouble for coming over and seeing how I was doing.

I found this incredibly frustrating as throughout the 3 hour period of me trying to fit the motherboard, I had looked into the store room a couple of times to see if anybody was there (once for a screwdriver, once for any spare screws) and there must have been 4/5 members of staff sitting down chatting having a laugh both times.

Anyways, I managed to fit the motherboard only to discover that I needed a new power supply unit as mine was not capable of running everything required, so I bought it and was helped to fit it - great.

A secondary member of staff took the PC in the back to test it and came back to tell me that Windows wasn't working and it was to do with switching the motherboard. I had no idea doing this would damage the HD, so I was really annoyed, but took it home and tried to boot it to the repair screen that the staff told me it got to.

The repair screen didn't show, and it wouldn't boot from the HD, so the computer was useless. I phoned CCL and the member of staff who told me it was damaged said the cables must have been loose, so I opened the PC again and everything was secure. I called back, he told me to bring it in to the showroom and he would look at it on the same day.

I got to the showroom and was greeted by a third member of staff who told me that the person who was looking at my computer had gone out for a sandwich, and he doesn't know when he'd be back and that I'm better off leaving my computer for a few days because that's how long it'd take anyway. He then went on to accuse me of lying when I said that the PC was to be looked at today and that 5/6 other people were listening in at the time (obviously a complete load of rubbish, because that's exactly what he said!)

This came as no surprise, because it seemed like nobody wanted anything to do with me once the sales had gone through, aside the one member of staff who tried helping me fit the equipment. Luckily, the person who said he'd look at the computer today showed up mid conversation and confirmed that he said he'd look at it. The third member of staff disappeared and was nowhere to be seen.....

I left the computer for an hour, and it was fixed, so I returned to CCL and picked it up at around 4pm this lasted ALL day) to be greeted by a £50 charge for getting it back to normal to top everything off.

This was incredibly frustrating for me. Having been with CCL since 2004 for both my business and personal accounts and being treated like somebody there to take the p*. However, I'm ever grateful for the one member of staff who was constantly trying to help and at the same time getting it in the neck from the CCL managers, he was the only person in the whole store who acted like he cared about the customer and deserves a promotion and an award!

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