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People only review energy companies when they're unhappy. I've had no problems...

I remember looking at this page and thinking, "Oh no this company looks terrible". However, after looking at other reviews on companies such as Npower, Scottish Power etc. etc. they ALL seem to get really bad reviews! Therefore, I believe that on the whole, the only reviews you will read from customers are ones that are negative... (Who thinks you know what I've had no problems for 12 months so I think I will write a positive review!). Either way I decided to go with First Utility and what happened? My bills went down, I take more notice of my energy bills and haven't had any problems. The reason I haven't given a 5 is because I can't commetn on customer service as i haven't needed to contact them. However, I get regular updates via email and the webpage is very interactive. They told me that one month my bill had to be £10 more because I was using more energy (fair enough it was a particularly cold and wet winter) but they sent me 2 emails warning me and gave me the otption of disputing it etc. Therefore, in summary, you get cheaper bills, a lot of self-management via the web and (for me) no hassle in swapping over. The only thing that is difficult to get used to though is uploading your readings. Even though you get reminders, it's difficult to remember to go and write them down and then go back to your computer to upload them but I guess I just need to get used to that!

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