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Misled me when selling the total excess waiver ** Avoid ***

On first impressions HolidayAutos seems to offer value for money, but it is in the details you find their true 'cost' , I bought the total damage excess waiver to avoid the massive unjustified excess, their partners charge, but when I came to collect the car at the Belfast airport I'm told that I haven't bought the excessive waiver and I still need to supply a £1000 deposit or buy the excessive waiver from them. It turns out that this is a scam HolidayAutos and their partners pull on unsuspecting punters, I had in fact bought the excess waiver, but buying it from HolidayAutos direct meant I would still need to pay their partners excessive waiver or pay a massive deposit and if anything happen(a scratch would do) the partner would take the money from the deposit and I would need to claim it back from HolidayAutos. Neither HolidayAutos or Budget made this clear in the hope they could fleece me. Please do not make the same mistake as me, go to Kayak, avoid high excess charges, NEVER use HolidayAutos.



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