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City Link

Awful service.

My heart sank when I saw that City Link would be delivering my mattress from Amazon. I arranged for my brother to be at my house as I would be at work. I checked the status of the parcel on their tracking page throughout the day hoping to see "Delivered". I text my brother asking whether they had been and he said he hasn't heard the door bell or any knock.

About half an hour later I checked the site and got the dreaded "We've left a card message". I text my brother again saying he'd missed them and he replied telling me he hadn't heard anything again.

I got home and saw that no card had been left. WTF. It's almost as though the van driver pulled up outside the house and saw no cars parked and couldn't be arsed to get out and check, let alone get out and leave a card. I immediately rang CityLink to complain and the person on the phone was very apologetic - I can only imagine she's had a lot of practice. She arranged for the parcel to be redelivered today and took my phone number for the driver. We will see whether they try to deliver today.

Usually I would let this sort of thing go as a one off and I'm not the sort of person to write reviews. But this is not my first dealing with City Link. At my previous house they "left a card" came back the next day and "left a card". Of course there were no cards, and my housemate was in both days.

That's not all. My old housemate had ordered some new computer bits and had the pleasure of City Link delivering them. He was in all day waiting and finally checked the website to see the package had been delivered. There was no package or card so he rang City Link to see what was going on. They then rang the driver who told them he had left the package on the front and signed for it himself. This was £500 of computer bits! This would be unacceptable even in the most rural of areas, but we lived in the city on a busy road with a lot of people walking by. It's amazing no one took it.

What on earth is the drivers' problem? Do they really just drive by houses ticking off the "left a card" box? As I said, I'm not the sort of person to write a review but these guys deserve as many bad reviews as possible in the hopes that they will either shape up, or stop operating altogether. Amazon should certainly not include them in their courier pool.

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