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Shame that delivery couriers let them down

I have purchased large bags of dry dog food from GJW Titmuss many times and their online service and speed have been exceptional. However, the last couple of times my order has been delivered with a ripped inner sack causing the dog food to spill into the outer sack. I have not mentioned this to Titmuss in the past as the tear has been small and I have managed to repair the inner bag easily. However the delivery I have just received was ripped to pieces with the full contents of the bag escaped to the outer bag. The pleasant lady at Titmuss said that this would not spoil the food and that the bag must have been ripped in transit. I have had to decant my dog food into an old bag that I had but I feel that perhaps the packaging should be improved or the couriers should be advised of the handling of this product. Shame as I feel that Titmuss are being let down by their distribution people.

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