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Crap do not buy from them

OMG we've just spent nearly £2000 buying a washing machine, a tumble dryer and a Panasonic Fridge Freezer. They were all delivered on Mon (today is Fri). We did as the instructions and plumbed the wash/mach in, put it on a "cleaning cycle" - it leaked all over the floor. Engineer came out the next day - sorted. Same delivery day we discovered that the Panasonic fridge freezer had a "clunk" on the door of the fridge so called currys TWICE, put through to Panasonic but they were closed. Tues AM called Panasonic directly and arranged engineer for next available time slot which was Friday....

Engineer came this morning and took the door off the fridge to investigate... here should have been a happy ending, an uplift number, and exchange of brand new goods but no it was not like that.....

Firstly the engineer told me that the fridge door was missing and a rubber bush on the door (like a big washer) at manufacturing and therefore was defective. he left as I was on the phone to Currys to report this. They told me to call Panasonic who said it wasn't their fault and i needed to call Currys again. I did....Curry's said they could not exchange it as they need an uplift number (Not true they are required by law to exchange or refund the defective machine at their own cost it was defective from new) Either way I was stuck between the devil and the deep blue sea.

I realised sometime later that, since the "adjustments" by the Panasonic engineer ("I don't work for Panasonic we're just a subsidiary - I can't authorise anything for you I don't have the power"), the fridge is actually now completely broken - the LCD on the front doesn't work and as a consequence the fridge and freezer is now defrosting and all my food is now for the bin.

Brilliant!!! Then a brain wave.....I'll ask Currys to contact where I bought it from (I can't exactly take this back?) and ask them to exchange it for me....( I make no mention of the 2.5 hrs I've spent on the phone dealing with this matter - surely they'll just appreciate this and make it right?

So the manager from Chester Diva retail park calls me, I forget to get his name and number as I'm so excited to hear from someone from Currys (I've been promised 3 calls back so far) I know, I know, I should have got them. He says to me that a new fridge is going to issued tomorrow and delivered, to call a certain number after 9pm with my reference no and they will tell me what time slot it will be.

Called at 9pm exactly on the number he gave me......ALL CURRYS LINES ARE NOW CLOSED!

Gosh their customer services are second to non...


IF the fridge turns up with the same fault I shall refuse it and then drive the hour to the store and demand compensation and a full refund... if not I'm taking these arseholes to court.....I'm so fed up with being fobbed off by them like it's meant to be. They actually told me today that they were doingme the favour because they were sending out a brand new fridge freezer, despite the fact that Panasonic had refused to issue the uplift number because I refused the repair........HELLO it's a brand new machine...not a refurb, why should I have to accept a faulty machine???? Rubbish service, rubbish products, rubbish company!

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