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Below is a complaint I have forwarded to this company regarding many different issues, in a nutshell its still on-going and awaiting a satisfactory outcome!

I would like to put my complaint forward to the relevant people which is as follows below:

I placed an order for a Rolo light bed at £429.98 Inc delivery of £9.99 which was placed on the 27/3/13 due to it being Easter weekend the earliest delivery day i could get was the 2/4/13.

After receiving a phone call explaining that the bed could not be delivered on the Tuesday and requesting me to phone to re-arrange a new delivery date,after phoning to be told that the earliest the company could deliver would be Friday 5/4/13,as you can appreciate i have re-arranged plans to make sure that i was in for delivery on the Tuesday but was happy to take delivery on the Friday!

I was told on the phone that i would take upon delivery between the hours of 8-6 on the 5/4/13,at about 5.30pm on the Friday after staying in all day with my daughter i rang through to customer services to explain that i had not taken delivery of the bed and wanted to know what was happening,the gent that i spoke to said he would contact the courier and get them to ring me asap.

I quoted to the gent i spoke to that i was very disappointed that i had not been contacted at all via email or phone to explain why i had not taken delivery upon the date specified and that i felt it was an insult that a delivery charge of £9.99 was being charged for something that has not turned up,which he happily said i can refund you the delivery charge and get in contact with the courier on my behalf.

The courier rang me as stated above on Saturday 6/4/13 and stated that i would take delivery on Monday 8/4/13,once i took delivery of the bed i was astonished to find that 2 of the boxes were damaged on the outside and the bed parts inside was damaged in several areas (photos of which have already been sent) also not only was the boxes/bed damaged but i had only taken receipt of 4 out of the 5 boxes!

After ringing the courier twice and not being able to get hold of anyone,i then took it upon myself to ring customer services to explain i was missing a box,the courier rang me back the following day )Tues 9/4/13 to say the missing box would turn up on Weds 10/4/13 and as u can fully appreciate a bed turning up damaged then a box missing is not great customer service in the slightest!

Upon ringing your customer service team and going through to your automated services,it specified that any after sales queries was being dealt via email,which was no help to me what so ever as i had recently moved into a new property with no internet services available,so i took it upon myself to go through to customer services and explain my situation,the woman that i spoke to was extremely unhelpful and rude and there was NO confirming of my personal details,nothing what so ever until i was asked to confirm the order No. to which she replied whats your postcode and now can you confirm your name and address,as you can appreciate i could have been anybody ringing and there was no apologies for the above situation and only told me to send pictures of the damaged bed to your after sales team,of which i quoted i dont have internet and am unable to do so and asked if there was anyone who i could speak to regarding the matters above,the response that i was given was the after sales lines should be up and running the next day Tues 9/4/13 and that we are an internet based company!

My reply to this was yes i appreciate that you are an internet based company but you do have phones for sales and after sales support as to which are not up and running,the sales lines you are able to get straight through but the only thing that is specified for after sales is that due to the high volume of calls we are dealing with after sales through email only! Which i think is terrible.Upon ending my call with this adviser all i was told was to try ringing back tomorrow Tues 9/4/13 when phones lines should be back up and running and see if i could get on someones internet to send through the pictures.

At this point i came off the phone very frustrated and annoyed and decided to ring customer services back and this time to start taking names of people who i have been dealing with,after speaking to another advisor,again who has not very helpful and rude and abrupt,i re laid back to this adviser the above information and as prior to my previous phone call,after which the advisor did offer to email after sales on my behalf and asked to get them to call me regarding the above issues,to which i accepted,at this point i came off the phone to the advisor and was seriously thinking about requesting a refund and packing the bed back up for collection!

After speaking with another advisor in after sales on Tues 9/4/13,who may i add was very helpful and is the 1 person who has saved me from canceling the whole order and obtaining a refund from your company!

The advisor was very sorry to hear how i had been dealt with by others from your customer services team and was only to happy to help in any which way she could,after having a brief conversation with the adisor i sent her pictures of the damaged bed and boxes to herself and she was happy to send out another whole bed to which i was then able to take 2 beds and try and make 1 good bed from them,but the problems did not end there.

The advisor said we can get a new bed out to you on Fri 12/4/13 and collect the damaged bed on Mon 15/4/13 as this would give me time to look over the new bed and take the parts that were not damaged and make a complete undamaged bed,i received an email from the advisor early Fri (12/4/13) asking if i could confirm if i had a call from the couriers to confirm delivery,which i had not,so once again i waited in all day upon taking receipt of a another new bed,which had not turned up.

At this point i emailed the advisor on Fri 12/4/13 to specify that it was 2pm and i had a feeling the bed was not going to turn up today (fri) and could she please ring me so i would have some sort of update rather than being left in the dark once again!

I did not receive this phone call from the advisor and was once again left with no bed to sleep on.

Finally on Monday 15/4/13 the bed turned up after receiving a phone call from the Courier on Sat 13/4/13 saying it would turn up Monday,the bed that did finally turn up was also damaged and looked like it had been used previously sent back and re-packaged as there was bracket marks on the posts! (As of which i have 2 photos that i will forward after this email to the advsior)

(Sent x 2 photos of replacement bed as damaged /used,today Mon 22/4/13)

After sending an email to the advisor on Thurs 18/4/13 to let her know that i had received another bed on Mon 15/4/13 and that it was damaged also but i was able to make 1 bed good bed out of them both,plus i would also like collection of the damaged goods asap i got an email back from the advisor later on that day saying sorry for the delay of getting back to me and that she would arrange collection for Weds or Fri this week as it is a 2 man service,to which i replied Weds 24/4/13 would be fine but lets see if a delivery/collection actually takes place when its suppose to!

So in summary i have paid over £400 for a bed and a standard of service that i feel is appalling and way below standard,Main points are as follows below:

*Damaged goods

*Nothing turned up on correct days

*No communication

*Rude,unhelpful customer services

*Boxes missing

*Sub standard goods being sent out

*No call backs OR emails when specified

*3 weeks from point of ordering to finally getting a complete bed

*No confirmation of details when ringing

*false information being given (saying phone lines should be back up and running,when clearly there were not)

* Loss of earnings due to deliveries not turning up when specified

As i hope you can fully appreciate from my experience with your company,i am hoping for a prompt response with regards to this matter.

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20 May 2013

Reply from www.worldstores.co.uk

Dear Quillon Bert McTegg,

I’m sorry to hear about the problems with your recent order. I’m currently looking into this and will be in touch soon to get this fixed for you.

Kind Regards

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