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Now known as Yodel. More like YO-LOL.

I can't believe Amazon are still using these last ametuers. Once I ordered a TV and it went 'missing'. After a while Amazon had to just take charge and send out another one express delivery free of charge.

Recently I ordered some clothes and it had a tracking number. I clicked on it after a day or so and nothing there. Tried every day for a few more days and at last I get a response. To my horror it's HDNL and they have only just got around to processing the order. Usually despite having selected free delivery most other parcel services beat the estimated delivery dates by a few days because they are well organised and offer a good customer service. HDNL/YODEL on the other hand are content to to just either get the delivery to you on the exact day Amazon has estimated or worse afterwards because they can argue delivery times are just estimates and they are legally entitled to be late by a few more days. To me that's just rubbish service.

I can only assume the reason behind Amazon using them is because Yodel must have offered Amazon a stupidly cheap deal that none of the other superior services can match and probably contracted to do so for a set number of years at the least. I just hope one day Amazon comes to their senses and stops using them for good.


Fantastic service and fast delivery.

Amazon is one of the best companies I've dealt with. The service is great, prices are very competitive and the free delivery service is usually delivered before the 3-5 days they quote, What more can I ask for? I've very rarely had an issue and when I have had an issue in the past they have dealt with my query promptly and in a very professional and courteous manner.


Excellent service and great products

Though I only picked standard delivery it was still fast and they update you with text messages on delivery times (provided they have your mob number to begin with). You can even rearrange delivery to a more suitable time should you wish to do so.

As for the products...the one's I've bought have worked a treat. Promax protein shakes really to help you recover faster and don't taste bad while the thermobal pills really help you lose those pounds fast provided you go to the gym on a regular basis. I lost 5kgs (11lbs) in the space of 2 months so I'm at a decent weight of 11 stones @ 5ft.6in.

Ginger6 Computers

Generally a great service and a great PC

I bought my Gaming PC from Ginger 6 because I read the reviews which were pretty good across the board, they accepted Paypal and the gaming PC I ordered was competitively priced. Delivery was as quick as they said (about a week- got it just after the new year holidays) and when it arrived I was surprised at how big it was. It performs very well though I wish I included an SSD for my operating system.

I did have a few issues but I must stress they are very minor and I almost feel embarassed to be mentioning them. One was the lack of customisation of the PC. I since learned it was a website fault and has been corrected. Luckily they phoned me to ask if I wanted to upgrade anything so I upgraded the PSU in case I want to upgrade the GPU in the future. When the PC arrived I thought they hadn't installed the PSU as I received the PSU box seperately but luckily it was just to house bits and bobs though it wasn't made clear. Unlucky for them I had already ordered the OS from elsewhere so they lost out on £70-80 due to the lack pf customisation at the time. The other minor issue was some of the staff were unfamiliar with PC technology but really it didn't bother me what did bother me a little was one member of staff seemed a little stressed out and I felt unwelcome when speaking to them. And the last whinge (sorry!) is they forgot to include the CD drivers for the sound card (which I would've removed from my set up if I could as the motherboard provides adequete sound quality). Windows 7 couldn't locate the drivers from the www so I had to do it manually which was fine. They did post the CD to me pretty quickly which was very nice of them. Ok one more whine, warranty is a year but I know some of the (potentially inferior) competition offer 3.

So would I recommend Ginger 6? Yes I definately would. The issues I raised were very minor and easily solved and the PC has been very well built so hats off to them. Communication was great, they phoned me to make sure everything was ok and managed to squeeze another £35 out of me by doing so :-) I can now run Crysis @ 24fps at max detail and max AA @ 1080p or drop it to 720p and run it @ 50fps. All for under just a little over £1100 (delivery was free and that price includes the OS and upgraded PSU). Most other games are a breeze to handle. If anyone asks me where to buy a PC from, Ginger 6 would be my first choice. I definately recommend them over PC World for sure!

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