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Where have you been all my life.....

Brilliant. Excellent prices and to be honest not always the cheapest, but when they have deals on, quick and efficient. They sell pre-owned games too over a variety of systems. Why did i never here of these before, I believe I have been cheated in life but am happy to have found. Shipping is cheap and super-fast. I would point that a few of my packages have not been sealed properly but all items arrived undamaged and were not missing.


Absolute Joke, not consistant enough

UPDATE - I just bought Despicable Me 1 + 2 Limited edition blu-ray with squishy minion from Zavvi, it came damaged. I returned it and got a refund. I saw it from Zavvi Outlet for a £1 cheaper and that came damaged too, even when i told them previously to put these items in a box and not a jiffy bag. Both times i asked for a replacement only to get refunds. Item is now sold out everywhere and only dvd version is available. Zavvi would not send back the damaged version or at a discounted price, what do they do with all these damaged returns? So i buy two of these, both damaged and none for xmas for my niece. This is the last straw for me. I will continue to buy the Disney & Pixar collections from elsewhere if possible. Zavvi have just turned into money grabbers and don't care about customer values any more. A similar experience when i bought the Batman Cowl, i had to return this 3-4 times before they got this right. They really don't care about their packaging and their website for messages, order history or complaints really does need some work. Customer views are really not taken aboard.

Although I still use Zavvi, I am looking else where for my steelbooks. When they claim limited edition, they miraculously find more copies to sell. Not to mention the prices have been hiked up. I wish they would differentiate 'Limited Edition' & Special Edition'. How many limited editions find there way to other websites for a cheaper price. I know they have included a price promise on pre-orders like 'Amazon' which is great but 1-2 months after buying a new release how many special offers or more discount is offered on the same product you paid the higher price for? It can't be that limited in edition if they have plenty of stock still to be selling at a cheaper discounted price down the line. I don't want to miss out but this is ridiculous and needs sorting. I have bought over 100 steelbooks at least from them and feel let down.
They also need to sort out their website for returns or customer services. The message box is very terrible and the website designers should look to improve this.
Also, pre-orders, this needs to have the details on what you have ordered rather than clicking on each order to open and see what it is especially if you are looking for something specific, they may need to look at or Amazon to take notes.
You can't change an existing pre-order even if you have changed address. The pre-order isn't due for release for 3-4 months so why can't Zavvi change this for your orders? They claim that you have to cancel the order and re-purchase. Hmmm, what if it is sold out? Very bad.
On new pre-orders change the icon from 'SOLD OUT' to 'NOT AVAILABLE' as this is quite misleading.
There is plenty to do here and I wish Zavvi would listen to these comments and improve the good custom they are getting since the close of

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