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Crampton And Moore

Staff are ill informed and when they get it wrong completely ignore any complaints.

I ordered a TV over the phone for this company and spoke to a very pleasant employee "Chris" and asked him for advice for a wall bracket that would fit it. He did not know which one fit and asked " Scott, the boss". I then placed an order. I then had several emails and phone calls to say that "the boss" thought that there was a better one and so they were sending me that and that the next day delivery would in fact not be next day as they were out of stock.
The items arrived and seemed fine but when my workman arrived to put the stand up it did not fit the TV. I rang Crampton and Moore about 5 times and was told that they did not know which one fit and would look in to it so my workman went away having not been able to do the job that I was paying him for.
I then waited a few days for the promised call back and heard nothing so I called again and spoke to Scott. He said the new nothing about it and spent most of the phone call berating me for being cross at him for cocking this up when he was not to blame - well he is the boss so how is he not to blame? An apology would have been preferable Scott.
He promised me he would look in to it and get back to me. 3 weeks later still nothing despite several emails that went unanswered. So I rang again last week and was told again that he would look in to it and get back to me the same day. A week later still nothing and then today I ring again and the phone just rings and ring and then someone answers and immediately hangs up. Well thanks guys, I have no idea if the TV works as I cannot put it on the wall to find out and I am very unimpressed by your rude and unhelpful customer service. Scott if you are the boss then sort it out and take some responsibility for your customers care.
Currently waiting to see if trading standards can sort it out as I have frankly given up Scott - maybe he is away on a customer service course....I wish!

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