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The gentleman I care for is disabled and on the highest rate of DLA. He often falls over, cannot speak clearly or loudly and is misunderstood often. He paid for high speed broadband to be put in on 14th May 2013. BT said they would have to change his phone number which I clearly heard him say he did not want, but they did anyway. This new number did not work with lifeline and soon stopped working altogether leaving my client without lifeline for a week, in spite of numerous and lengthy phone calls to BT using his mobile phone. BT were adamant that my client did not have an account with BT for his broadband which he had been receiving for appprox 20 years. It took many hours being shoved from one person to the next, being fobbed off , being cut off, being shouted at and told to provide evidence (down the phone lol), to discover that my client had been with BTYahoo which BT says is not part of BT and is a separate company even though BTYahoo had corresponded using BT headed paper with BT address at the bottom and it has shown up on his bank statement as "BT Group". So just to verify things, my gentleman rang BT and asked to speak to BTYahoo. He was put through straight away !!!! However, now nearly two weeks later, he still has a number he does not want. He has asked for his old number back which he has had for the past 30 odd years. BT said he would have to ring BTYahoo and ask for his old number to be released which he has done about a week ago. (WHY should he have to ring them ??).

So to summarise. My client has paid for fast speed broadband but what he has actually received is a completely different phone number and no internet at all. AND He was put at risk for a week all due to BTs Bungling Incompetence !!!! (Message to BT - What does he have to do to make things happen ??. Will THIS make you give back his old number and put in his new high speed broadband which he has paid for. Oh and by the way the £10 you offered in compensation is not even enough to cover his mobile phone bill !)

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