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CONNED into taking out premier care plan!!!!!

I told operaror 17 Jon (shown on my hardwick retail park, kings lynn receipt) that i DID NOT want any care plans, ok he says, i will give you one month free at no extra cost, the next thing i know he is shoving a direct debit mandate under my nose to sign and tells me it us too late to cancel it as he has put the laptop through the til and i could cancel within the month (well thats all well and good but then the onus is on me to take time out to make the phone call in my own time)!!!!
When i got my receipt i also noticed a £7.00 card mandate which was not explained to me - i intend to cancel the plan and if i have any problems cancelling i will be complaining to the store manager and head office!!!!!

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Tracey Taberer
Spalding, United Kingdom