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horrific!! do not order online!

I made an order on sat, for some trainers for work, i believe after making my order that it said i had to collect them within 4 working days, (i assumed they had them in stock at the store, this was my mistake) so off i pop on sunday to collect my shoes. I am told that it takes 7 working days to have them sent to store, and to collect my order when it came in. I asked if i could change my order so it was sent me to at my home address, he said this was only possible wiythin 30 mins of placing the order. I then tried to cancel my order online, whichyou cant do, so first thing monday morning, i call the very expensive 0844 number, only to be told they cant cancel my order, again only within 30 mins of making the order, and that i or someone else would have to go collect it. I do not have a car for another month, hence why i went sunday! i was then told to call the store and get them to send the shoes back. Even though it would take 4 working days for the shoes to get there, then 4 working days to get the shoes back, then a further 15 days to get a refund! all the while im sure its earning interest somewhere. So i ring the store, and get told that they cant do that, and to ring head office to complain. i ring head office and they say there was no one there able to deal with a complaint?!?!1 i mean come on.......its a BIG company and surely there must be more than 1 person at head office?!?! and to ring the very expensive customer service number again. so i ring them AGAIN and get told that i signed a contract with the store, and that i have to go pick them up, and they cant get the store to return them, because if they were lost or damaged when the store returned them, then i would be liable and have to pay for that and the shoes!!!! even though im 50 miles away and would never have come into contact with them, how can this even be legal? Under the office of fair trading website it says you have up to 7 days to cancel any order made online. (under the 1986 sale of goods act) so i was given an email addreess, and i wrote a very angry email, to which i have had no reply, so i thought whats next. I went on facebook and wrote basically what i have said here, on their page. Within 5 mins of writing that i discouraged anyone from using their online site, they replied saying to email them again, but at a different address. I did so, during that time i actually got a phone call from the store apologising and saying when the shoes finally made there way into store they would ring me up and give me a full refund. I finally got an email back saying the reason they only let you cancel orders 30 within 30 mins is to help reduce fraud (which to be fair i understand) but also to protect personal data?!?!!? now this scares me! what on earth has it got to do with protecting MY personal data? does this mean my email address? my home address? my credit cards etc are vulnerable to being given out? this makes no sense to me at all! they assure me that the order can be cancelled, but only when the item is in store, (which is strange as its not even been dispatched yet and has cost them no money! but its come out of my bank less than 24 hrs after the order being placed!) i cannot believe how rude the staff were too at customer services, basically saying it was my fault. when all i wanted to do was cancel my order. PLUS i am a gold card member. i will never shop there again. If you have any problems, dont bother with customer services, just go onto their facebook page, and write a long post!

good luck to all xx

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