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Watch out for their mistakes!

I went to buy return flights to Vienna through Expedia. Simple you might think? I found the flights (via Munich with Lufthansa) and tried to a message that my credit card had been refused. No booking notice, no tickets...since the credit card had been refused, I used another and booked the flights direct with Swiss. Job done - didn't think any more of it.
Well, didn't think any more until I looked at my credit card statement. Invoice for £305.25 from Lufthansa - what for I thought? Phone Lufthansa and they can't help me becuase I don't have a ticket or booking reference...because Expedia hadn't sent me anything. Call to my credit card company and I have to pay the amount and dispute it unless Expedia refund it...
So, two calls to Expedia. First call reveals that they know about these flights but claim there were no charges and it is isn't them. Having done a full circuit of parties involved, I went back to Expedia armed with the reference from Lufthansa which was the e-ticket number. Suddenly Expedia can match those numbers up. The man on the end of the phone said "I suppose we should refund you"...SUPPOSE?? As I stated, without pointing fingers, they were the party who enabled Lufthansa to take the money, so they have to be the company who will refund it. He found the exact amount, the exact date and then said that he would have to refer this to his manager and another team. Expect results within 48 hrs? So far, at 48 hrs...nothing at all. I hope for the best (refund) but have started the dispute process with credit card company.
UPDATE - 23-5-13
Thanks to Stuart Newman, this issue got escalated and the transaction was identified, reviewed and a refund is now being processed. The refund is split between Lufthansa and Expedia, so the lion's share has been processed - a good start. Thank you to Stuart for picking up the review, and making contact - great service!

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