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Unreliable company with incompetent drivers

I like many other booked a ticket online for the bus route for the airport at London Stanstead from Baker stret. I still had 2 hours before my plane was about to leave. I came to the Baker street bus stop at 10:55 and there were about 30 pepople waiting for the bus. I found out they were there for over an hour as their bus at 10 has not arrived and finally when my scheduled bus arrived 5 MINUTES LATE at 11:15, the first in over an hour, these people litterally clawed their way in even though it wasnt their scheduled bus. Now I do not blame them, they were trying to catch their plane. however the bus driver ( WHO BARELY SPOKE ENGLISH!!!!) couldnt explain or handle the situation, simply said there was some kind of delay and after 15 mins of strugling left with a handful of pepople from the bus stop. Another 15mins later one more bus arrived however still not enough for all the pasangers, the driver again had no idea when or IF more busses are coming. THe whole situation resulted in me having to buy a ticket for another extra 10pound at [External Reference] so I would catch my plane as I was unable to get service I PAID FOR IN ADVANCE from your company!
Unfortunately this wasn't the first time Easybus failed to provide its service without delay and from now on I will advise everyone to use [External Reference] as a mean of transport to airports as they are much more reliable and ALWAYS on time!

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