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Waiting for a refund for over 2 months. Issue not resolved despite frequent contact with customer service

Waitrose online delivery - I am writing this review as I have been waiting for my refund for over 2 months. I have been waiting patiently up until now, however after speaking to the customer service centre for the 8th time, I am extremely unhappy with the way this situation has been handled and am unsure that this issue will be resolved in the near future. I have listed below, my recent communication with the customer service centre, after I was offered a refund for damaged produce (rotten vegetable) and a substituted item which was charged at a higher price.
1. 15 March 2013 - online grocery order delivered on time. Emailed Waitrose regarding the above and included a photo of the rotten vegetable
2. 17 March - Received an email from Waitrose confirming that a refund will be issued.
3. 28 March - spoke to Waitrose customer service to enquire about the status of the refund. Was informed that the issue will be looked at by the accounts/back of house department
4. Mid April - called Waitrose customer service to enquire about the refund. Was told that the issue has been brought to the attention of the back of house and that a note will be made that I enquired about it
5. 2 May - called Waitrose customer service to enquire about the refund again. A very helpful lady said she would look into the issue and would get back to me.
6. 2 May (same day) - received an email from the customer service lady who investigated the matter and confirmed that the money had not been issued into my account . The email noted the following "[we]... regret to inform you that the refund although showing as processed on our administrative system does not appear to have been sent to your account"
7. 3 May - received a phone call from Waitrose customer services asking for my card details so that the refund can be issued. I provided the details over the phone.
8. 5 May - received an email from Waitrose customer service requesting my card details. I called the customer service on the same day and provided my card details for the second time. I explained that someone else from Waitrose had already asked for my card details two days earlier, however the lady informed me that they did not have a record of this conversation taking place on their system.
9. 7 May - I received an email confirming that the refund had now been processed. However the amount noted in the email was INCORRECT and less that that noted in the initial email dated 17 March 2013. I called Waitrose customer service to clarify the situation. The lady I spoke to said she could see the error and would get someone to rectify it. No refund has yet been issued.
10. 14 May - called Waitrose customer service about the status of my refund. I am told by that it is being issued. I ask when it will be issued and I am told it will be issued soon
11. 19 May - received an email from Waitrose confirming that a refund is due however they would require my card details
11. 20 May - I call Waitrose customer service to provide my card details for the 3rd time. I explain that the refund has been due for over two months. The lady is very apologetic and says she will speak to the relevant department.
Since then I have had no communication from Waitrose, no refund for any amount has been issued, and no one seems to be able to fix the problem. This is highly unacceptable from a company who prides themselves on their customer service. Although some of the staff at the customer service centre have been helpful, this issue has still not been resolved. I am not sure if this is a problem with the head office, the branch or other departments, but I am sure Waitrose would find this completely unacceptable as well. Please look into this matter urgently.

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