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Police called to T mobile store as staff fail to help customer

I have been a loyal TMobile customer for 8yrs and have been miss sold an upgrade and contract which eventually resulted in your store staff threatening me and my property and the police being called to the T Mobile store on the Kings Road SW3.

The main points are as follows:
1, your South African upgrade team tried to sell me a £25 plan on the high street for £29.50 as an upgrade.
2, Had to speak to three different team members before I agreed to taking a Nokia 920 with 2000 minutes for £23.50.
3, I was told the phone could only be delivered to my home and therefore took the Friday off work to wait for delivery.
4, No phone or paperwork was delivered.
5, Monday was harassed at work by a third party upgrade agent whilst at work and explained to them that I had already agreed an upgrade.
6, Monday evening, still no phone or note from delivery.
7, Monday evening 18.30-22.00 spent speaking to the leaving team as it appears the the phone dispatched was a Nokia 820 and 1000 minutes for £23.50. This was not the contract agreed on the Thursday with Murray upgrade team leader in South Africa call centre.
8, Monday evening, Billy, ext 403 of the leaving team agreed to recall the phone and the contract that was wrong and a new contract was agreed, Nokia 920, 2000minutes for £18 per month. We agreed that I would go to the store on the Kings Road to collect the new phone and the contract. I was also told that a member of the team would give me a call to ensure all was ok. No call was made.
9, I attended the store at 16.30 and was initially brushed off by a member of staff and had to call 150 to enquire what had happened.
10, Another staff member was more helpful and found the new contract information on the system. He was not able to proceed with the upgrade as the notes on the system said that I had received the new handset and contract and therefore could not have another. I requested that they call the leaving team and speak to Billy who I had spoken to the night before but instead my request was ignored and was put back in touch with the upgrade team in South Africa. The whole circle started again.
11, by repeated requests I was put in touch with customer services and almost 2hours after entering the store the customer service member had sorted the mess out.
12, However by this time the store was closed and locked and the staff had left the shop floor leaving me alone with all the goods and accessories.
13, I had to knock on the back room door to alert their attention.
14, I passed them back the phone to let them speak to the customer service person and they said there was nothing they could do as they had switched off the system and cashed up, even though they knew I was there and was dealing with an upgrade.
15, I then expressed my deep unhappiness of how I had been treated and refused to leave until they sorted out the issue. I had been there for 2 hours.
16, The initial member of staff who had initially brushed me off then proceeded to scream at me, pick up my iPad and threaten to throw it onto the street, try and push me to the door.
17, The same sales person, Greg? Then called the police and I waited outside the store till they arrived.
18, Two police attended the scene and we both gave our evidence, the police cautioned your member of staff against touching and threatening members of the public.
19, The police advised me that this was a civil matter between Tmobile and myself and should proceed accordingly.
20, I will be in contact with OFCOM

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