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went to currys with an elderly lady who could not speak english well to buy a fridge freezer.she chose one and a member of staff came and sat us down to go through the sale process.she was talking and going through options of extra cover,quicker delivery and i was translating everything to the lady i came with.as she was weighing her options and we were talking in our language which is bosnian.the member of staff suddendly became agitated and said that we were rude for speaking in foreign language and blanking her out!!!i explained that i was telling my friend about extra cover,quicker delivery etc.she repeated again that we were rude.i was astonished.we then got up and went to look for a manager.once we found him i explained what his staff said to us.expecting him to appologize i was taken aback when he said that she her staff wouldnt say that!!i asked him about ,customer is allways right,and he said that doesnt exist any more.i asked him to ask the lady,if i can call her a lady who served us what she said and she said that she didnt say that!!i was so humilated and called them racists.if the manager behaves like that what to expect from shop workers.i asked for their names but he refused to give me them.i told him i was not to leave the shop untill i had their names and after 10 minutes he wrote them on a piece of paper and gave mi it.i sent an email to head office and still waiting for response.i will never again buy anything from currys.i am also taking legal action as i feel i was racially insulted.

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