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This is my complaint on their Facebook page!

So I've canceled my line with your company 3 months ago but for some reason I'm still paying the bills, so naturally I stopped the direct debit & called your company to confirm that no more payments should be coming out & then they said yes and agreed, now I've received a letter from your debt collection company threatening me for legal action (So scared I slept under my bed for weeks).

I called today and spoke to an agent who was so rude, confrontational, threatening, sarcastic and very unprofessional (mandatory requirements to get a job at EE), when I asked to let me speak to a manager about the account he refused & said I can not speak to a manager about an accounts "its the rules", obviously with his sarcastic remarks & confrontational comments I asked to speak to a manager to complain about him causing me distress and surprisingly he said no "its the rules", he said I can write to the head office which will take weeks for them to reply to, and he said I should just make the payment anyway, extortion? Something I don't use I should pay for because you will take legal action (whatever as if that scares anyone), I know I'm not in the wrong, so I have no problems with legal action, at least then maybe I will get to see a manager (probably not). To show you how great the customer service was from this this Michael (I have his team number), he hanged up on me, maybe because he was worried for my health?

I call back the center and I go through to someone who I think is in the Philippines who did not understand 97.3% of any English that I said and I did not understand 99% of her English (at least she understood 1.7% more), after half an hour trying to explain to her my issue, she agrees to put me through to a manager... then sadly while I was holding she hanged up, so talk about time wasting? I wasted 2 precious hours of my life speaking to your great team who has no idea about customer service or basic human etiquette, I have decided to not pay as I do not accept blackmail or bullying so before we take legal action or whatever, I want to know who I have to invoice for my 2 hours wasted as I run my own 2 businesses? I can send you my BACS number if cheques are not your preferred choice, also I would like to know when we go to court, shall I wear a red Blue tie (for T-mobile), or an Orange tie or like a bight green (for EE), I'm now also writing a letter to the head office, OFT & FTC. I'm also going to make sure everyone knows about your perfect customer service, so I will be tweeting about it, putting it on Facebook & on my Blog.

As a gesture of good will, I get free Barclays business training for customer service & how to attract customers, that I can gladly send to you (I only have 2 tickets though), You can have my tickets. Also I will check with Vodafone if they can book you a training day, I'm glad all my 3 lines are now with them and I would recommend them to anyone, but I would not recommend EE even to my worst enemies, It seems like I'm not the only unhappy customer, looking below I can see everyone is having a very bad time with EE, keep it up your doing well, this surely is not the way to do business but you all seem to know what you are doing.

I will not charge you for writing this complaint, it's fun & other customers deserve to know what they are in for. Hope you have a great day EE, say hi to the managers for me.

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