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Playtrade Good, some of their sellers Rogues and thieves.

I have been using for about a year now and have had a good experience with just a few blips and one stinker of a company called "TVWALLBRACKET" who are Gangsters with a capital G. AVOID THIS COMPANY LIKE THE PLAGUE. I ordered a TV Stand from them on the 27/01/2013 and according to them it was despatched 28/01/2013. I waited for a week, nothing, waited 2 weeks still nothing so I contacted Playtrade they put me in contact with the seller, I sent an email, nothing, sent another, nothing and another nothing so I went to their Feedback and left a negative comments within hours received an email from TVWALLBRACKET apologising and saying they would sort it out, next morning got an email from them saying their couriers had delivered to me and as far as they were concerned it was delivered I countered saying it had not, anyway to cut along story short after several emails back and forward with them refusing to back down, lo and behold I received an email from them saying if I withdrew my negative comments they would send my order I told them in no uncertain terms that when I received my goods I would consider it. So I waited and waited and I'm still waiting and have sent emails got some back with them sticking to their guns that it was delivered etc but if I withdrew my negative comments they would send a replacement, why would they replace it if they delivered it. So since them I have told them to shove it and give me my money back, and if it was delivered now I would refuse it. Playtrade have entered the frame today after I appealed on their Face book page. So we will see. I am 60 severely disabled, have chronic asthma and a heart problem and this has done me no good what so ever. So Please I have no problem with but some of their sellers need to be scrutinized in depth by Playtrade. Please do not trade with " TVWALLBRACKET." Hope this helps others. Gerry McKay. S.E. England.

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Gerry McKay
Bognor, United Kingdom