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Makes YODEL look like a CLASS ACT

Well,OK...could be I DID go a bit over the top in my email to Myhermes CS,when I told them they make YODEL look like a class act,but I was upset.All I wanted was a SIMPLE answer to a SIMPLE question.Problem was,I'm not THEIR customer (not that it would have made any difference if I had been) I am their CUSTOMERS customer,if you see what I mean....It was only a question about the definitions used in their Tracking Log,so as I could better understand the BS I was looking at

I wouldn't be so bad if they actually SCANNED the bloody parcels properly, (No,I've NOT been at the Scotch) but they seem to scan when they feel like it,when they remember,and if//when they forget (if they give a stuff) make it up,OR...make it up to "muddy the water" ?,so that when it goes "missing" you can't figure out how/when/where,or who the last Cowboy was,to see it in one piece.??
Bottom line?.We get the "service" we pay for.

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