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Great customer service, despite issue with third party courier.

Easy to use, on-time service and great price comparison.
Unfortunately my item was damaged by the courier during shipment. However I was able to quickly resolve this through their website and a full refund of the cost of the item as well as the postage was issued upon verification and proof of value. Despite this incident I would continue to use them and would recommend them for their professional and quality customer service.


Complete Rip-Off

I was lured into this website with it's attractive prices.
A flight to my desired destination was listed at £225, whereas on other competitive websites the cost was around £250.
As I go through the process of booking the flight I reach the payments page and have a selection of payment methods available.

This is where they get you hard - the fee for using debit card was an extra £54 per person!!! Absolutely ridiculous and extortionate amount. Unfortunately my collegue bought the tickets and did not verify the additional costs which are marked as "fees and taxes".

Needless to say, our search for the cheapest ticket ended up costing us way more than any normal ticket from any other flight search website.

Avoid at all costs! and buy from any other competitor.


Too good to be true! Avoid at all costs!

Having written a positive review for my initial purchase and having waited numerous weeks I've had to come back here and rewrite a real review of my experience with this company so far.

I've done online shopping for over a decade, and this is by far the worst experience I've ever had to date.

I've placed a number of orders on this site and have yet to receive any of them! These go back up to the 24th of May. The only order I received was the first one, which I received very late, and was faulty so I had to send back. This was done over 2 weeks ago and have yet to receive a replacement (as I specifically requested) or a refund for that matter.

I therefore called their customer support (3rd time already) and was informed I should receive a refund within - I quote - "the new few days... or weeks"??!!

It amazes me how a company in this day and age can continue to operate with such terrible management and service. Once you place an order, they take your money and you pretty much never hear from them again. My orders are all still pending and way past their delivery dates.

I'm not a fussy customer, and do not mind waiting extra time for my items, however WAE seem to just cross the boundary and have no respect for their paying customers.

I have over £600 worth of orders placed on this site, and would like to know what's happening with them?

If I do not receive anything by the end of next week I'll have no choice but to cancel all my orders and file a complaint to the fraud police.

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