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Delivered late but friendly customer service

Ordered a desk a couple of weeks ago from Asda Direct. I chose Wednesday and took the day off to collect at home. On Wednesday, looked at the tracking and realised it had only just arrived at Citylink's end, they had the delivery time as Thursday to my surprise. I called Asda up, a friendly girl told me it looked like it was still on track on her system and told me to call back again at 4 if it had still not arrived. Lo and behold, it didn't arrive so called back.

Another friendly male member this time said he would call the delivery company and give me a call back. He actually did call me back and told me it it wouldn't be coming as Asda had dispatched it late to Citylink. He apologised and gave me a refund on the shipping. We re-arranged the shipping to Friday (wish they could do Saturday but apparently Citylink couldn't do it), I had to drop one of my appointments to be in. Anyways on Thursday for some reason Citylink tried to deliver it. I was at work so no one was home. More weirdly Citylink said it had been refused and would be returning it to the sender! Perplexed I rang up Asda, they had to call Citylink once more to get the delivery date set to Friday.

It did arrive on Friday as promised and I am pleased with the product. I thought Asda's customer support were excellent and very friendly. I was expecting bad things based on the other reviews but the South Africa based customer support are very nice and speak good English, never had a problem communicating with them. I did get my shipping refunded so they came through with that promise. I guess my most "iffy" experience was with Citylink, their "refused" delivery attempt was strange, almost like they didn't bother? Would be happy with use Asda again if they used a different courier and got their chosen day deliveries on time.


Poor quality product and poor customer service

I bought a duvet recently, as soon as I got home and looked at it I was dismayed. The duvet had some dried red stuff spots on a few places. The lining was also loose everywhere. I took it back and asked for a refund, they told me the lining was like that on all of them, "it's how they are finished" was what I was told, well if that's how they are finished they shouldn't even bother, totally unprofessional quality, I could understand it if it was a couple of loose end strands but there's one strand that's still connected at both ends! Just poor quality.

The red stuff they passed off saying it's the manufacturing process, poor and lame excuse, what manufacturing process leaves dried red material on a duvet? They refused to give me a refund and of course have lost a customer forever, I should have just went with John Lewis, would have cost an extra £20 but at least I would have gotten better customer service!

Overall poor quality product and poor customer service.

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