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Great tech deals, check the website every day

Love it got some great deals on here often tech-related. Good mobile site too.


Ordered some stuff through amazon, fast shipping, was a good value

I'm a value guy, and I ordered some products through amazon.com and the stuff is reasonably priced and shipped fast, and worked. As I get older this stuff is necessary..


The #1 source for libertarian news, reviews,

Its the best thing I read every day. Astute observations about the state and its role in our lives, great articles I've made money on some of their articles on investments.


Love amazon, amazon prime, HATE their pro-tax politics

Only think I don't like about them is they're lobbying congress to raise sales tax on every purchase online just so Amazon has a competeitive advantage over its customers.

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Sports Food

Ordering through amazon is a breeze, best prices, fast delivery

Recently started an 84 day workout program and I've been using the SportsFood supplements ordered through amazon - they're a bit cheaper than other brands and fast delivery and more pills per order (a better value). Quality looks good, and with some of the supplements, the results don't lie - went from 18% body fat to 10.5% body fat in 75 days.


Up to the minute news, breaking, leans right and is somewhat sensational

It's often pro-America adventurism and pro-war, and pro-government for my taste, but its one of a few sources for news I use.

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