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Butterfly Labs does not ship orders and WILL NOT respond to inquiries!

If you are thinking about ordering a Bitcoin miner from Butterfly Labs, BEWARE! I ordered my unit in April of 2013, understanding it was a backorder item. Finally in November of this year, their forum showed that my item had finally shipped. It's now two weeks later and I'm still waiting for its arrival. No one will reply to emails, phone calls or forum posts. A quick glance at their forums reveals dozens of other buyers in the same predicament - desperate for information and customer service replies but unable to get anyone from the company to respond to their issues.

In all my years of shopping online, this is the SINGLE WORST company I've ever dealt with in terms of order support and customer care. Absolutely horrific company that I will never deal with again. It looks like I am out over $2000, so the only option now is to seek legal counsel.


A horrible scam site. STAY FAR AWAY!

As with the others, I was drawn in by AJRichie's fantastic prices, but it's all smoke and mirrors. Ordered a Canon 6D and a few days later I get an email requesting a phone call to "verify billing data". After doing some research, I've found that AJRichie's is a typical "bait-n-switch" mailorder fraud operation. First they get your billing info and credit card number, and then they coerce you into calling them so they try to upsell you or give a bunch of baloney about how your item isn't available. The bottom line is you will always have to spend more $$ to get the product ordered. In short, don't waste your time with these Jewish charlatans. Spend a little more $$ and deal with a reputable dealer like B&H or Adorama.

BTW, all the "positive" reviews on this and other similar sites were written by them. Notice how there are "blocks" of reviews with dates very close to each other, and similar bad grammar and poor English.


Good overall, slow shipping

I ordered some silver dinnerware from eBid and it arrived in fine condition, but four days later than they stated. The seller seemed MIA for the first few days but did eventually return my inquiries. Not a perfect transaction but still satisfied.


simply the best

I've used lavanture products for three years now and they never disappoint. Top marks for these guys.


Very satisfied - excellent overall.

My experience with AtomicMall was excellent. Ordered an antique
brass lamp from one of the stores there and it arrived a day
sooner than I expected. Before shipment I had a concern about one
of the things posted in the description, and the store owner got
back to me immediately with the information I needed. Overall, a
5 star rating. Will definitely shop here again.

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