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Skrill ripped my money from withdrawal amount

I was withdrawing money to my local bank account,the fee was supposed to be only 1.80euro,it 's just aint my day,,when I checked my money in the bank,I noticed my money was deducted about 15-20euro,which the fee was supposed to be only 1.80euro,then I asked skrill about it.. .They said it was charged for withdrawal fee.I was shocked to hear that.I just dont get it.It is clearly mentioned the withdrawal fee is only 1.80euro,they said no other hidden fees.Whatever the reason is just dont make any sense.

What I do understand,SKRILL is a stealer of CLIENT'S money OUT OF withdrawal amount,they'll ripped u off by charging a senseless fee,without client's consent.

I would certainly pray and hope the authority will shut them down, just like what happened to LIBERTY RESERVE.they r the biggest ripper who still operating legally out there.

I can confirm this is TRUE experience.I have the proof of transaction and emails.

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PAYPAL's unfair decision

my paypal dispute's story,i've just lost money to a scam hyip site,I thought i can rely on paypal to get my money back,instead,paypal made me lose 300$,let the scammer won the dispute.
Paypal closed the case without making fair decision.

my first & second disputes ended and closed by paypal without fair judgement.

Paypal promised buyer protection,they said we can dispute 45days after the date of each transaction.

I'm really dissapointed paypal isn't actually the safe way to beware.

clearly now,scammers are using paypal as tools.and paypal made them get away with the money.

I have payment proof and emails with the scammer.

so u think your money is safe with paypal?!..I dont think so...

it doesnt matter now..if i wont get my money back.


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