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Wish I had seen this forum before using this company. What a rip off. I ordered an LG optimus 4x hd phone and when I put my sim in I couldn't get internet. I contacted my provider telecom nz and they were really helpful and we tried to configure the phone manually but failed as it turns out my phone is not compatible with nz network. So, I basically have a useless nearly $400 phone. I tried to contact expansys by phone but it took a lot of calls to get through and by then I had received an email. They have said that I can return the phone and as long as it is in perfect condition I can have -wait for it- 75% of my money back!!!!!!!!!!!!! They knew from the delivery address where the phone was going to but no mention that it wouldn' work here. I worked hard to save for this phone and feel ripped off.

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Tracey Muggridge
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