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Disgusting products

Claimed to be delicious, tasty, filling etc, usual hype. Unfortunately the goods did not live up this. The puddinhs were like mush and bland, the main meAls were more like watery soups, nothing substantial at all. I only managed 3 days before even just the thought of it made me wretch. Most of the meals had to be supplemented with so many spices to make it edible, and so many veg to make it filling, that the boosh part accounted for probably a quarter of the overall meal, if that.

If you want to eat food that tastes like what it is - artificial - then great. Otherwise it's pointless - you have to make additional food anyway to make a proper meal, so it doesn't save you any time or effort in the long run. Enjoy fresh ... you're more likely to lose weight doing that anyway than eating this artificial stuff.

06 June 2013

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Thank you for your anonymous review! Boossh is a VLCD and we do appreciate that using a VLCD diet and range of products is not for everyone. We can see you enjoyed the offer on Groupon.

Mealpaks are a full formula food available in a range of flavours. 4 Mealpaks per day gives your body everything it needs, you don't need any conventional foods, although you can use the food lists if you wish for a small evening meal. Your body then goes into ketosis and you burn the fat on your body.

If in the future you wish to use a VLCD please do re-visit us

Kind regards

Team Boossh

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