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shocking customer service. never buying from them again

I used to buy a lot of clothes from these guys. In october I made a very large online purchase. I kept some of the clothes but wanted to return the others. While they all came in one box, the free returns label only covered a certain amount of weight. So I was told to send them back over 2 parcels. One parcel got refunded fine. The second...well, after several months of waiting and chasing I kept getting told it had not arrived. I told them that I have proof of it being sent. They said once i send this over they will look into the issue and refund my money. Time passed and nothing.
After chasing again and checking the tracking number I found it had finally arrived. I called up and they told me they will refund my money. They never did. About 20 e-mails and several phone calls later I lost my cool. The e-mail showed the history of me providing all of the required tracking information yet every time some moron kept saying 'we need the tracking information before we can refund you the products'. At first i provided it over and over. But they kept asking for it even though it was in the previous e-mail which was included in the trail. All they had to do was scroll down. Pathetic. They just gave their standard reply and no one looked into it. I even called up and started demanding answers...and they did nothing. After about 4 months, I eventually started posting on facebook to get this public...only then did i get a phone call from them and this got sorted. interesting that while it was private they didn't give a shit. Never buying from them again. They will take your money but will try avoid giving it back!

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Very happy so far

My mum has been using some of these products and while she can't tell the difference (probably cause she looks in the mirror everyday) a lot of people have been commenting on her 'youthful appearance'.

Customer service is also great so very happy on this end. Planning on making a few more purchases soon.


good service. amazing pictures.

These guys have taken pictures and done studio shoots for my friends and they all loved it! The pictures came out great and my dad even wants to learn photography from them. I'm planning my studio shoot with them soon based on others' recommendations alone!


I'm a fan

I have been a member for 2 years. I think the site is great and well put together. It is good to see my results and skill get better - this is easily tracked on the progress chart. It is questionable whether individuals are just getting better at those particular games or are getting better in everyday life - such as improved memory, faster thinking etc. I do not know which is true but I do find myself with more confidence in my tasks at work. So for me, all is good. Give it a try!

Sports Food

Officially my favourite sports nutrition brand

I have tried a fair few sports nutrition brands before but these guys are my favourite. The quality of products are great but they also last at least twice as long as half the other brands I have used - one example being the Protein shake from another brand that I have tried lasted only a few days and didn't have the sufficient calories or grams of protein the Sports Food protein shakes had!

Customer service has also been top notch - the guys are friendly and there were no issues with delivery. So pretty happy so far.


Great idea - but needs work

I think the idea for this is great. The speakers are thin so can be pretty comfortable but it keep sliding up and down my head/neck which is frustrating. They don't stay over the ears like they should so I end up waking up several times in the middle of the night to adjust them.

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