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Dreadful Bank, wiful obstruction of ISA transfer

I have an ISA with Santander which I have tried to transfer to another provider, because Santander are paying £3.80 interest per year on £3800. I had lost the online login details and went to a Branch to enquire about the account. The Branch advisor stated that the account was empty and that I must have removed the balance or not put anything in. I then asked for a password reset by telephone, this arrived and after logging in all the money was there in the account. Santander have however rejected the transfer to another ISA provider as they state my address is incorrect on the account. I sent in an address change and they replied that they already had the correct address. There appears to be a deliberate attempt to obstruct the movement of my money to a new ISA paying interest. This is clearly totally inacceptable and I am being denied the opportunity to receive a proper rate of interest. This case is now being referred to the Banking Ombudsman along with all detail being provided to relevant press outlets. This Bank has no credibility and should be avoided like the plague!

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