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Eon Uk

.......... Speechless........... Literally!

Where do I start on this one? Ok, I moved to a new property and Informed my supplier who is British Gas (who by the way is a far superior supplier) to take over at my new address, gave them a meter reading and all was well. About two weeks later I receive a bill of £55.99 from EON for........ wait for it......... A weeks supply of gas and electric form the 4th of Feb to the 13th of Feb. Mmmm on my tenancy agreement it says I moved in on the 11th of Feb (I'll let you do the maths!) £55.99 REALLY?. Now this is where it got even spookier. They had my name, address and was even so kind as to give me a account number, even though I had never been with EON in my life. That was cheeky to say the least, I thought it was obviously a mistake and called them to rectify the problem. The guy I got on the end of the phone was talking to me like I was in junior school. ' Let me put it in simple terms so that you can understand' he said. My reply was, 'now let me put it in simple terms, I ain't f***in' payin you s*%t'. Then another letter appeared , I called again to be confronted with the same arsey attitude and was put on hold until I gave up waiting. So I decided to write them a letter, asking if they could get in contact with me regarding the matter. Nothing. So I phoned them a third time and was told to provide a copy of my tenancy agreement. What the? So I suggested they got in touch with the local council for that information and left them to it. So when I got another letter demanding payment threatening action of involving a debt collection agency I thought best to just go straight to their head office, which by the was in Phoenix Park, Nottingham. I was angry that I had to take time off work to resolve the issue. I was met by the team leader Sophie Thrall who was very understanding and resolved the issue in less than a hour. My problem was, why did it take all this correspondence to resolve the issue? Why are the people on the switchboards arrogant stuck up wind-up merchants? And why the hell was I on hold for 30 minutes? I sent them a e-mail with my strong feelings attached, hoping that the company go bust in the near future and that they are a bunch of muppets, but I'd like to take that back. Muppets are far more sufficient than these clowns.

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