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Skin care line unbeatable

Pureclinica pump out a top notch skin care line. I bought the first time and was happy with the results so doubled up and bought for my brother as well. He's had skin problems for a while (bad skin tone with blemishes here and there) . This stuff has made a night and day difference to the way his skin looks.

Great product. Good communication and quick responses on questions from seller.


Hmmm slowly getting worse

Ebay Oz used to be decent. they used to have good quality listings for a lot of clothing and cheap good. Now the market is just flooded with chinese sellers, floggin off cheap cheap poor qualtiy knock off goods.

You guys need to pick up your game!


Oh google what would i do without you

The best search engine hands down. The best algorithm hands down. turns out eh best search results with the most relevant information time in and time out. just awesome.

Sports Food

Finally a supplement company that delivers on promises

Sport Food is a no BS supplement company- they arent here to hard sell you. No fancy words that noone knows the meaning of either.

They are a simple supplement company in the market to provide quality products (in particular their tribulus, fat burner, creatine and protein powder), at cheap affordable prices (up to half as cheap as big name brands), with a good user interface (good website and customer service) ALL without the gimmicky sales pitches (10lb of muscle in 30 days...srsly come on!)

Highly recommend these guys. Will continue to shop with them for my nutrition supplements.


what wont amazon do for you

Amazon are really a cut above the rest. Almost a one stop shop for anything imagineable, with competitive prices and good sellers

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