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VAT Bill arrived after goods recieved

I would give no starts if you site allowed me to.
There site says the price you see is the price you pay.
Thats not true when you recieve a vat bill after delivery.
Purchased a phone from these fraudsters eventually it arrived late may I add.
2 Weeks later TNT the carrier send me a invioce for £20 unpaid VAT.
I think ok I will contact eglobal.
Go on live chat as soon as I ask them to pay the bill they go offline.
send them an email with a copy of the bill so they can pay it everything is there it would take them 2 miniutes to make the payment.
Not a chance 1 month later I am still trying to get them to comuinicate with me, they say you pay the bill we will refund you, would you believe a company that told you in the first place no hidden charges.
So buy from these poelpe at your own risk, you may get lucky and escape customs spotting a £250 phone being shipped as camera parts worth £10.
They are avioding UK VAT that is how they give you a good price on there goods.
dont be fooled by the web site adress being .co.uk they are based in hong kong.
They say you have a warranty but how would they honour it ?
How would you return faulty good ?
There is no phone number to contact them.
once they have your money your history to them.
There goods are sent to you from different adresses in hong kong with invioces for camera parts or computer parts.
I will be reporting them to customs and forwarding all info I have including 3 adresses so beware your goods may get stopped at the airport.
Good luck if you take the risk but I have no sympathy if you loose your money

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rubbish after sales

Bought A Nexus 7 from Curry,s Ashton Under Lyne.
Broken After a few months will not charge up.
Took it back to curry,s who will do nothing except send it back to the manufacturer.
Dont care that they have your money or how long your gonna have to wait.
And they have a 21 day policy in there small print that says this is the action they take with all faulty products, If you have owned the product for more than 21 days tuff luck its broke an it aint there proplem anymore.
Manager in store was not interested and it made things worse when she said the computer says it has to go back to the manufacturer...
Customer service 0
I would of liked to give no stars

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