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first time ive been speechless

First time Ive had to contact Activision and i was left speechless by the extremely friendly and excellent customer service. They should be used to train up some of the other companies and teach them how to provide customer service. Keep it up guys your awesome

Asus Uk

got to be in the top 10 of awful companies

After having my ASUS Nexus missing for 3 weeks, having phoned the store (currys) i then rang ASUS who said they would need a further 3 days to trace this item. Waited 3 days, rang them back. The guy claimed it was with 2nd line technical support and they couldn't be contacted and i had to wait for them to contact me, give it another 2 days. When i pointed out they had 3 days to find it and that i wasn't willing to wait another 2 days, phone goes dead. Rings back, guy seems a bit more helpful, but ended up with pretty much the same conclusion and it will take an indefinite amount of time to find it, again i pointed out this was not good enough, phone goes dead. 3rd guy gets it both barrels but i do get a number for their repair center.
Good customer service seems few and far between now adays, such a shame.


lies, ignorance and attitude

After being a loyal customer for many years, buying all my technical gadgets from Curry's not because they are necessary cheaper then anywhere else but because uptil now the warranty has been excellent. But not the past 4 weeks. Booked laptop in for repair, was collected and returned on dates as promised. Letter attached saying laptop had not been returned due to damage exceeding explanation, letter didnt state what damage or what explanation and i was expected to write to them to explain the damage of which i had no idea what the damage was.

Spoke to their knowhow team who i managed to convince to send a email for me as laptop was needed for important study. Email Mr Newbury, waited a few days, no response, emailed him again, no response. Phone them, they email Mr Newbury on my behalf, still no response. Spoke to Ian in their facebook team who also promised to email, asked him to acknowledge the email, he said he would. Never heard from him again. Complained to CEO, got email from Mr Newburys line manager claiming he found moving from one email client to another complicated and had given me his personal email address by mistake!!!

Finally after waiting 4 weeks i finally find out why the laptop was not being repaired. Seems they expect a 5yr laptop to be immaculate with no scratches and sparkling. Have been contacted by James Gray who has given me attitude. Have asked for hard drive to be returned and he is claiming i sent it off without the hard drive!! Instead of providing a loyal customer with curtisey, politeness and manners i have been lied to, ignored, given excuses and spoken to like scum. These where your mistakes made my incompetent members of your staff. At no point where these problems of my creation.

Here are some email addresses that might be of some use -
James Gray -
Customer Action Team - CEO

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