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halfords, torry, aberdeen, main shop and autocentre

avoid these monkeys and spend your cash else where, 8 weeks ago bought 20 inch apollo mountain bike 120 quid. bought a gel seat and asked for handle bar to be raised. took bike home the next day got a mile, seat and handle bars worked loose, back in it went, fixed for free. 2 weeks later bulge appeared in back tyre, tyre let down and re inflated, 10 mins later happened again, so it went back in again for tyre, tube replacement again free, 4 weeks later no brakes on front half brakes on rear and gears crunched so again it went in and left it there. was told 30 quid to service it so left it for 2weeks and have just got it back and back wheel has slight play in it, rear tyre is very worn and breaking up, no way its a 8 week old tyre, like its been swapped, mark on the seat post and gears still not right. wish i never bothered with them.
and my car, even worse....
had replacement steering rack done on car and got it back with gator twisted and pas fliud over bottom of engine, have asked other mechanics about gator have been told theres not enough grease in the rack and will have bother in the future, alooy wheels had their paint chipped.
had new brake shoes fitted, got report the drums were worn so the mechanics fitted new shoes to worn drums which is like fitting new pads to warped old discs, you just dont do it.
car has now faulty hand brake 8 clicks and a clunk before it works, the adjusters have been refitted wrongly.
asked for a knocking to be checked at rear and get car back with suspension arms replaced, which i didnt ask for which meant they did the tracking without permission this was after i had just spent 160 quid on another garage setting car up on hunters machine, i didnt receive any calls about any of the work, prices etc.
now have to take car to have the back brakes repaired properly.
complained regarding the work being done without permission and got a 'goodwill' refund.
never again will i ever use that garage.

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