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Good choice and reasonable prices

Lots of choice and realistic prices. Ordered around 6pm and they were delivered the next day. Good communication from Serenata so I knew the flowers were out to be delivered and great to get an email to say they had been delivered. The flowers were exactly as shown in the picture. Only problem was there was a website problem and it took me 20 minutes to get the order to process. All good apart from that!


Boossh! WHOOSSH the weight away!

Having tried every slimming club, wacky diet and several VLCD's before, I know that VLCD's are the only ones that work for me. I successfully lost weight last year, but regained it, plus a stone, after having to have a break due to an operation. I knew I had to go back to a diet, but couldn't face the thought of the same boring, limited flavours of shakes. Dieting in Winter isn't fun when you are surviving on milkshakes alone!

I researched every VLCD diet and thought 'if it's good enough for Linda Nolan, it's good enough for me'! The difference with Boossh is the variety. There is so much choice and something for everyone. I love the fact that I can drink it, slurp it or eat it! The flavours are very authentic and even those I thought I might not enjoy are now my favourites ie Mandarin Shake! There are so many ways to Boossh and I can have a meal with my family in the evening, so I'm not feeling 'left out; socially. The most important thing as someone who has probably lost and regained my own body weight many times, is that Boossh is teaching me about portion control too. I don't feel deprived as, being a real carnivore, I can still eat meat and veg every day. The choc bars are so yummy that this doesn't feel like a diet at all! I also missed fruit on other VLCD's, but I can have that too on this diet!

The Boossh page on Facebook is great for chatting to others that are Boosshing and I've made new friends too. Reading about other people's weight loss is so inspiring and motivating and everyone is so happy to share tips and advice. I always felt so alone on other VLCD's.

I knew by the end of my first day that I wanted to stick with Boossh and could never go back to any other VLCD, although I know I won't need to!. I lost 21lb in 28 days and it has been easy! So impressed with the products and my weight loss, I signed up as a distributor as there wasn't anyone covering my area. I started 12 clients on Boossh in my first month and every one of them is losing weight. It's fun dieting with my growing team of Boosshers and I'm loving helping others too. I never thought that needing to lose weight would lead me to a new job!

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06 June 2013

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Hi Paula

Many thanks for your Boossh review. As a VLCD user it is great to have your feedback. Great to hear your weight loss results and really good to hear you are now a Boossh distributor!

Happy Boosshing

Team Boossh

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