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I visited the Sport and Health gym in Crystal City, VA and LOVED it. It was very clean and upscale without being "trendy". I was able to get a good workout in but liked the fact that it wasn't testosterone fueled and the patrons were pretty calm and shared equipment well.

Great beauty cream on the cheap

I am a man who is now concerned about wrinkles and ageing. The collagen in the anti-ageing products is proven to reduce the effects of ageining on the skin. Also, the eyelexin cream reduces the bags under your eyes fairly well. I tried everything including cucumbers but this stuff is good.

Definitely recommend.


Convenient but do not ship items on time

On two occasions I have ordered products and paid extra for one day or two day shipping. On both occasions the products did not arrive on the "recieive item by" date. When I contacted Amazon they told me that they would ship new orders by next day air but didn't refund the extra money I paid.


Horrible customer service and didn't correct mistakes without a lot of pressure

I have flown on Delta dozens of times and have been disappointed recently. Specifically, I took a flight where I had to make a connection and we were stuck because of the weather. The individuals tasked with providing information and assistance hated their jobs and made their frustration very clear. I saw them speaking to customers in an antagonistic and confrontational manner. I was not even offered assistance or information without escalating the issue to a manager.

Sports Food

The best value for exercise supplements - more bang for your buck

I have now purchased at least three different types of supplements from Sports Food and found them to be on par (or better) then the "name brand" supplements but at a better price. A supplement that I love is Tribulus, which increases my testosterone levels in a "clean" manner and has increased my libido. Also, the company sends the products in simple resealable bags that are great for travel. The company always shipped the products very quickly (shipped via Amazon) with an itemized receipt. Would recommend to anyone.


The best way to stay in contact

I love FB because there are so many people already on the site. There are some smaller social networking sites that are gaining popularity but just don't have the membership base that makes FB great. I also like the simple, yet effective, features like birthday notifications.


My favorite search engine

I really like the way that Google separates "sponsored links" and the remaining links. However, I do wish that when I click on a link it would take me directly to the respective company's website rather than to some ad tracker that gives Google credit. This is only a problem when I am using my smart phone with low bandwidth.

All in all I love Google because it is a simple interface and also synched with my Droid smart phone, Google calendar, and Gmail, of course.

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