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MY Hermes

Delivered the goods

In the past 10 days I have made two online purchases from different sources and on both occasions My Hermes were the supplier nominated courier. I can't fault them as the goods were both delivered within 48 hours of the orders being placed, so they get my vote of confidence at this time with no reservations.

Mr Memory

A Memorable MrMemory Experience

First occasion that I have dealt with the company and the service was excellent. The item was dispatched the same day as the order placement and arrived (well packaged) the next day.
Installed to PC without problem apart from the need for one reboot to get things going and once that had occurred, then the improvement in performance was really noticeable on my netbook.
I would have no worries in recommending MrMemory to friends.

21 November 2013

Reply from Mr Memory

Good Morning John,

Thank you for taking the time to leave a review & recommending us.
I am pleased to see that the memory arrived the next day of ordering.
Great to see that you were able to install the memory with no problems at all.
We look forward to your next order.

Zoe Killick - Account Manager


Excellent - couldn't better them

I was looking for a good 10 x 50 Spotting Scope and although the same model was available elsewhere on-line, fotosense were the cheapest.

Knowing that cheapest doesn't always pay I referred back here to TrustPilot to see what was said about the company and all I found were glowing reports.

In for a penny as the saying goes and the order was placed midday on Thursday 8th August with the Second Class Recorded delivery option. Later the same day I received an email saying that the item had been despatched and today, Saturday, the delivery was completed Couldn't ask for better.

Well done fotosense! Excellent service and a real quality item supplied. You are now bookmarked for the future.

Always dependable

I have used Mobilefun on many occasions and they have "never" let me down in any way as yet. Even when a mobile phone case started to wear on a corner there was no question asked and it was exchanged immediately.

Currently I am looking at a potential sim free phone (for the wife) from their range and whilst it is available cheaper via another website, I know that Mobilefun will deliver as promised, whereas the other company appear far less reliable according to the TrustPilot review available.

To me, they are one of the most reliable suppliers on the internet.


"They" don't communicate

Read the header as you wish, all I can say is that in my personal experience it applies to both the company and the Mi-fi dongle that I ordered from them.

I had been searching the internet for a unit that would create a Wi-fi hotspot for my Nexus tablet and as I already had a USB data dongle, this product seemed to fit the bill as my dongle would plug into the unit and a signal would be reproduced. According to the advert on the website this product was compatible with over 200 dongles - hey presto it's ideal, so lets order one.

The ordering process was easy and delivery was good, within 2 days - really looking good, so lets get it working.

Upon attempting to configure the Mi-fi in accordance with their own .pdf instructions - total and abject failure. All the unit showed was that the wi-fi was live but that there was no output signal being transmitted. I phoned the company for advice and spoke with a young lady who told me that "there is no telephone support and that you will have to email the support section". 3 emails later and no response whatsoever.

On 18th Dec I spoke with Citizens Advice Bureau pp Glasgow Trading Standards (Go Baby Mobile H.,O. in Glasgow) and they advised me to log the case with PayPal as thankfully I had made the purchase via them. I also returned the item to GoBaby the same day with a "Signed For" delivery completed the following day. Today I have just had the claim finalised by PayPal in my favour by way of a full refund

Would I ever deal with this company again? Certainly not.

That regrettably is my experience and I leave you to make up your own mind as to what you do.


Real 'Customer Support' and fair about it.

I was looking for a new computer desk and after doing a web search came upon the Office Supermarket website. After some deliberation and comparisons elsewhere, I decided to order a glass style desk which was advertised for Next Day delivery. With the order placed (on 20th September) a confirmation email arrived within minutes confirming the delivery and later on the same morning I received a call from the supplier to Office Supermarket a.k.a Worldstores, checking that I would be available to receive the delivery the next day. At that point in time I was able to confirm that would be the case, however on the Friday morning it became necessary for us to go out for a short while and somewhat predictably the item arrived whilst we were out, however a neighbour signed for the carton on our behalf.

Upon our return, an inspection of the carton showed no obvious superficial damage, however on opening it up and confirming all the parts correct, it was discovered that the lowest glass panel of the structure had a chip approx 1cm long across the front left corner and a very small chip of the back left corner. Visually it suggested damage at the packing stage - beyond the supplier location as the glass fragment was nowhere to be found within the well protected carton - and as the carton had the original strapping in place, it had not been opened by the supplier.

I immediately contacted Worldstores via their website and the issue was taken up with a new panel arranged for delivery the following day (Saturday) - although it never actually arrived as the courier company managed to break it in transit. Again Worldstores reacted to the situation and a third panel was sent the following mid-week. This panel arrived with a chip off the panel at a point along the left hand edge and as it was in the same carton as the whole item comes in, it was obvious that the suppliers had removed the other parts and then resealed the carton without further examination.

In common with the first panel, there was no sign of any glass fragments in the carton, therefore I again assumed that the damage was pre-supplier. I should add that by now I had suggested maybe compensation in lieu of replacement would be a way forward, however on updating Worldstores once again, their very helpful Customer Services agent went out of his way to arrange a fourth panel that was to be subject of supplier inspection. Regrettably this panel was the worst of the lot as it had been allowed from the production line without a proper finish.

Yet again Worldstores responded immediately and made a very good offer of compensation along with profuse apologies. I have accepted the compensation and it has now appeared as a credit on my card account - applied to it on 13.10.12.

I cannot fault the support/actions of Worldstores and had the product been 100%, then they would have attracted a 5 Star rating. I am also given to understand that they are taking up the overall situation with their supplier.

Would I deal with them again, 'Yes' I would, as there seems to be a good C.S. system in place 'just in case', well that's my experience and I can only tell it as I found it.

Service without question

In December I ordered a curved shower rail from Plumbworld and upon delivery it was evident that it was the wrong length rail. I immediately contacted the company and was given a Returns Number and after some courier related problems due to it being the Christmas period, a return was effected in the week after Christmas and I have to congratulate the company for the speed at which they processed the returned item and issued a refund.
It is not the first time that I have purchased from this company and if need arises for further plumbing related items, then Plumbworld will be one of my first checks to see if the item is in their system.

Since my Jan 2012 review I have again used the company, only this time it was for a complete bathroom refit which included a new bath, cabinet, basin, tap sets, thermo bar shower set, wastes etc plus a replacement kitchen tap. The order was placed on 16th August 2013 and although one item showed as available, it was actually out of stock but available within 3 days (actually over the weekend). Sure enough the item arrived, the order was put through and dispatched by carrier on a pallet. Final delivery was on 27th August which was fine as my contractors were not due until mid September and with all items checked, no damage found.

The only problem that was encountered came from the kitchen tap, a Franke manufactured Zurich mixer tap. Contractor spent some time in trying to install the two tails only to realise that one tail was of different thread size to the machined slot thread - in fact somehow the thread had been machined with a double shoulder that prevented the tail thread from engaging.

With the contractor needing to progress I rang the only number available on the website and spoke with a telesales lady in Burnley who could only log the problem and forward it to the Evesham centre with a promise that they would be in touch very soon. The afternoon passed and no contact so during the evening I sent my own online complaint to C.S. which generated a Ticket Number, however past experience of this system was unimpressive with none of the promised updates, so I completed another email contact direct with the M.D. (so it says). Next day I had 2 different ladies on the phone and after a short discussion it was confirmed that a replacement tap would be sent out via 24hr Courier with costs borne by the company for both delivery and return of the defective tap.

The new tap arrived mid morning next day, so "Well done and Thank You" - faith restored and happy customer again.

Overall I am more than happy in dealings with this company, however I just wish that they would look to improve access to Customer Services and also review the Ticket system which with me fails to generate the 2 hourly updates they promise.

Back in Action

Distance Driving - No Problem

I bought the 'Back Friend' specifically for work, either in one of the company's coaches or in the support transport that we utilise.
Having taken delivery of the 'Friend' only last Thursday, I was able to test it over the following four consecutive days on two long return journeys between Essex and Cumbria and on each occasion it was superb. At the end of each journey I got out of the vehicle with no 'stiffness' pain at all, which is something I could never have guaranteed beforehand on shorter journeys.
Am I happy? - Yes, very. Thank you Back In Action.



Have purchased from this company twice now and on both occasions the service has been excellent.
Telephone enquiries are always dealt with efficiently and politely and the web ordering is also very straightforward.

My first purchase was a Sony Nex5 camera on 16th December last, followed by an order for a telephoto lens yesterday - not the one I would have really liked, but basically that one is unavailable at this time in the UK - so the next best alternative was opted for and delivery was within 24 hours.

I have yet to find a camera company that can beat Best Cameras for 'all round' service and will continue to use them as my preferred supplier.

(Edited/Updated 01.04.11)


Refund debacle

On 19th November I returned a Duoni phone to the distributors by Recorded Delivery, enclosing copy documentation and requesting a refund in line with the S.o.G. Act.
I had been advised by the distributors prior to returning the item, that a refund would take up to 7 days as the 'Refund Section' was very busy at this time.
Despite numerous calls to the Customer Services section - who answer as Tron but when questioned may let slip that they are Pressplay, (the distributors) - the refund is still outstanding as of today 17th Dec.
The issue of who the Customer Services really are does 'muddy the water' so to speak, as it is impossible to progress a call beyond the C.S. operator - the stock phrase is "All I can do is send an email"
I have emailed Tron today via the OfCom licence page and allowed a further 24 hours to resolve the issue and after that time, the matter will be taken to an external agency to enquire further.
Certainly this is a company that I would not deal with again and it would clearly be in their best interest to resolve this matter without further delay.

01.03.09 update. I eventually served both Tron and their distributors with 28 day notices of legal action following advice from a colleague at Essex Police and although the deadline passed, on 6th February Tron finally refunded the cost of the phone itself, i.e. £99.00 but not the postage element to my account. The postage element was obtained via the Chargeback section of the credit card company without arguement when I reminded them of the terms of the S.o.G. Act.

Tron failed to act quickly enough to avoid copies of my file being sent to the Advertising Standards Agency who are reviewing the information.

As far as refunds are concerned, Consumer Direct (East of England office) confirmed to me that if a transaction exceeds £100 including any postage element, then the credit card company are required to make the refund in full under the S.o.G Act 1972 if necessary.

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